Monday, December 16, 2019

1) I still believe Pelosi should take the impeachment vote and then table it until after the election. I want to see a ruling by the Supreme court about blocking subpoenas for witness and documents and clear that up permanently for future Presidents.
2) However, if they go forward and a trial is held in the Senate a lot of new factors could come into play. Both Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell are up for re-election and the races are looking close. Both could turn on Trump if it looks like they are going to be turned out of office.
3) If there is a worthy trial and not a Kangaroo trial like McConnell and Graham are threatening, I think Chief Justice Roberts will keep political jockeying to a minimum.
4) The Republicans stopped witnesses from testifying in the Impeachment and so if those witnesses testify in the Senate the Republicans could get blind-sided.
5) My point is that, that if this matter goes to the Senate I still have some faith that things will get very real for the Republican Senators and they will feel the magnitude of their responsibility to defend the Constitution. I think the gravity of that reality could cause the Senators to turn on Trump. Jeff Flake claims there are 35 Senators looking for a reason to flip.
6) Trump has no control over this matter. The fat is in the fire. If Pelosi does not table the impeachment everyone is on the train to a trial.
7) Another issue is that the Democrats could say that McConnell and Graham statements about skewing the trial could have them taken out of the mix by Chief Justice Roberts.
8) People are sick of this whole mess. I think people know that if Trump wins in the Senate he will never shut up about it. In other words, the Senate Trial will not be an end to the Impeachment tweeting by Trump and telling all kinds of lies about how he was exonerated. I think Boris Johnson won big last week because he promised an end to the Brexit discussion after 3 years. I think Americans want to not hear anymore about the Impeachment after the trial.
9) Trump will be the first President to be removed from office. That will be in all the history books. I think that is starting to sink in with Trump. But he is on the train and he cannot get off now. Trump has pissed a whole lot of people off. He has made enemies while in office. More than a few of them.
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Trump is just 67 votes away from being an ex-President and it’s freaking him out.
Opinion by Dean Obeidallah
Updated 7:14 PM ET, Sun December 15, 2019

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