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A person like TRUMP needs to have his reality verified constantly. It is like a man walking a tightrope a mile in the air. TRUMP is a gambler and for the most part in his life he has won. Certainly, you have to acknowledge that a guy who is an outlier and becomes President has found a path in life that lets him function on a high level. The fact that he won the Presidency even as he lost the majority vote shows that he has luck with him. I believe he is President as a wake-up call for America. TRUMP is a watershed moment as to whether American Democracy which has degenerated since Nixon was forced from office is going to right itself or step down to the level of Russia and China. America is a light to the world because it is absolute proof that all races, all religion, all nationalities can live in peace. The sad thing is that America does not promote Democracy overseas. Overseas, America is essentially a bully and oppressor of all nations. 

The most glaring example is the Zionist/Palestinian problem. The Zionists maintain an apartheid state, they have ethnically cleansed Palestine of Palestinians, they have illegally annexed the occupied territories, they maintain a concentration camp for 2 million Palestinians in Gaza, they exterminate individual Palestinians the same way the Nazis exterminated Jews except on a much more limited scale. And the United States which is against all those anti-Democratic acts supports them and protects them against the rest of the world that opposes them.
Trump has shown Americans just how fragile and flawed American Democracy is when there is a would-be dictator in office. The Electoral College is at the root of this problem. Trump is following the agenda of the minority of Americans who elected him. And the will of the Majority is being thwarted which turns American Democracy upside down.

The problem is the amount of effort it is going to take the House Democrats to put things right is being thwarted at this moment by Mitch McConnell who is refusing to force Trump's hand by putting Democratic Bills up for a vote in the Senate and force Trump's hand on the shut down. McConnell is the one who is not fulfilling his constitutional duty to attempt to move legislation forward. Early on TRUMP bought off McConnel by appointing McConnell's wife, Elaine Chao, as Secretary of Transportation. Her father, James Si-Cheng Chao is a Chinese-American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder of the Foremost Group, a New York-based shipping, trading, and finance enterprise. Mitch McConnell is owned by James Chao. So now you know why McConnell has Trump's back against the majority of Americans. It is pretty easy to connect the dots between McConnell and Trump. Without McConnell, Trump would have not lasted in the presidency this long.

The problem is that the shutdown has already created cracks in the Republican Senators. The Republicans cannot win this fight. Within a month, if not by the end of this month, McConnell is not going to be able to hold the line for Trump.

But the biggest problem for the Republicans is what is happening right now to TRUMP who has hit an immovable force named Nancy Pelosi. She is going to win. Only 42% of American support Trump. That leaves 58% against him. It is just a matter of time before the majority asserts itself. I am talking months not years. The Democrats have plenty of power now in the House and Mueller's investigation seems to be very close to ending which is going to create chaos for the rest of Trump's term.

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