Thursday, May 14, 2020

Trump says schools should 'absolutely open' this fall, says Fauci did not give 'acceptable answer'
Maureen Groppe
May 13, 2020
Dr John WorldPeace JD for President USA 2020
Friends, I am back after dealing with business and personal issues for the last few months. All my poems have been published now on
( I am publishing a book of poems each month now that I have published all 50 years of my poems.
I have 5 books to publish over the next 6 weeks. They are all in various stages of completion. Then I will be working full time on my campaign for President which is centered around ending Trump’s insane based presidency. Joe Biden is a dud. He is not a worthy choice for president. He may follow Hillary by winning the popular vote and losing the election in the electoral college; the biggest corruptor of American democracy. We need a popular vote for President like every other election in America.
The only guaranteed way to end the Trump presidency is to carve the Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christian vote out of his base. He cannot win without the radical Christians. That is what I am focusing on with my book, The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity. It will be for sale on next week. The book calls out Christians who support Trump who has broken 9 of the 10 commandments. Jesus called Satan the Father of Lies because there is no truth in him. Well there is no truth in the Prince of Lies Donald Trump. The Book of Revelation is False for many reasons.
The Book of Revelation says you will know the beast by his number 666, and Jared Kushner, Ivanka husband’s, Flagship property in New York is 666 5th Avenue, New York. But no preacher will discuss this because of fear of Trump. They have been pushing this fact for over 50 years and now they run from bringing it up.
Also, all the Mega Rich preachers taking millions of dollars in from the poor and gullible talking about Jesus who had nothing. Funniest thing, I have read not a single article about these Rich creeps taking some of the millions they have in the bank in their name and giving it back to their members who gave it to them. The Christians say God put Trump in power. Jesus says a house divided cannot stand. God did not put Trump in power. Only the most ignorant would propose such nonsense. Further, in the old days God would have a prophet announce the king. When the king screwed up God owned it. Well now we have democracy and Americans put Trump in office. Now all the evil Trump has done is owned by Americans, who according to Jesus will have to write the check for Trump’s evil; ie spending some time in hell. Stay tuned.
Regarding this article the end of it says,” Roughly 11% of students surveyed by the Strada Education Network said they had canceled their education plans since the coronavirus outbreak. Those who do plan to further their education are considering certificate programs or courses related to in-demand jobs instead of traditional degrees, according to the education nonprofit's ongoing poll of more than 5,000 people.”
Trump and all the stupid Republicans think they can tell these college students to go back to class and they will do it. These kids are not going back without total testing which Trump cannot make happen. Students can drop out of school for a semester or a year. They are not going to risk their life on graduating as planned.
This is the same with the economy. You can tell people they can go back to work, but they are not going to risk their lives to do it. And if only 25% of a company’s work force returns, they will not be able to open. And even if they do, people have to hold onto their money right now and the clients and customers of these businesses are not going to spend as they did back in November 2019. Opening up the economy is going to further crash it and unnecessarily kill more Americans. We are close to twice the deaths from the Coronavirus that we had in the whole Vietnam war. Think about that.
Trump is just an ignorant, socio-pathic “gob of spit.”
More than that, he is a Jonah. This Coronavirus is a God event. The world human society is full of poison, hatred for others, greed driven, and determined to burn down the earth with fossil fuels; the earth being the Garden of Eden. When a person’s life gets out of control much of the sickness of that individual is due to the poison their mindset has forced on their body. When this happens, they get sick as their body tries to throw off that poison. Same with the earth. 7.5 billion people full of greed, hatred and contempt for the earth; God, the earth itself, or off world aliens are going to step in and stop it.
I attribute the Coranavirus as a wake-up call from God. Think about it. Everything was going great November 2019, then this weird virus appears out of nowhere that is not like any other virus. We still do not understand it. We do know 33% of the dead are Baby Boomers. Think about who is being punished and why. And now we are seeing children dying in New York with collateral issues. No, friends school will not start in the Fall.
Trump is a Jonah. And very soon Americans are going to make this connection. And like with Jonah, Americans are going to throw him overboard. Before the election. While people die, Trump tweets. Kind of like Nero when Rome was burning down.
This is the scenario I am projecting right now. I have attacked Trump since he got the Republican nomination back in 2016. I see the businesses opening and the virus spiking. In addition, the children are going to start dying, and those who had the virus are going to have a second case. At that point Trump is identified as the Jonah.
Then, Trump is forced to resign as hundreds of thousands of people gather at the White House demanding it. And they will not accept the nothing Vice President Pence as president. That makes Pelosi president. I doubt anyone has even thought about this scenario. I have not seen it anywhere in the media. The Republicans are still acting like business as usual. Fools everyone.
If this is a God event, and I firmly believe that it is, and the Coronavirus does not get everyone’s attention, then you can expect some weather event to wipe out the crops in America this year. Then Americans, incredibly start to experience hunger like in the 1929 Great Depression. But this time, there is not going to be a WWII to bring the depression to an end.
Let those who have ears hear.
Vote WorldPeace for President. Look at my website. No one has my credentials for the job. No one after 4 months has a viable plan to reverse course. I do.
Dr John WorldPeace JD

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