Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Friends, there is no level low enough that the "The gob of spit, Prince of Lies, Trumpee Zero" will not go to degrade the office of President of the United States. He is a natural-born TRAITOR. I have said since the Republican nomination 2016 that Trump is a "lying scum bag, would be Hitler". I have taken a lot of flack and grief over my unwavering contempt for Trump. Now as Trump heads for the November elections, in 5 1/2 months, he will go anywhere to attack Obama in an attempt to just continue what he started with the Obama birther lie, I can assure you that what is coming from Trump is going to be mind-numbing and disgusting to all true Americans. I have said from the beginning that Trump has no respect for America and contempt for all Americans as well as the world human society. And I was SPOT ON.
No one has been as contemptuous of Trump as outspoken as I have been. Now I can tell you I was right on the mark.
Now here is the problem. Biden is never going to weather what is coming from Trump. After his last video with the honking geese, that was the end for me. In these times of the Coronavirus and downward spiral of the economy, Americans are not going to vote for Biden and his deteriorating mental acuity or his lack of energy. They will vote for Satan as a strong personality rather than a weak sister Joe Biden. I don't think the fight was ever in Joe Biden at any time in his career.
In addition, there is no female, red, brown, yellow, black or white, in the United States at this moment that is qualified to be vice-president and then possibly, probably inherit the Presidency from Biden. We cannot put another neophyte in the Presidency. (That said Stacy Abrams would be my choice but I am running without a VP) The next president has to have an unparallelled resume and that includes a granite faith in God and a believer in the United States of America as the designated leader of the world. Trump has contempt for every nation in the world and has done everything possible to destroy every avenue of a more just and sane world human society. None of the "girl" VP candidates have spoken the truth of the evil that is Donald Trump. No American has dared say what I have said. There is no way Trump is going to make a fool out of me as he did with Hillary when he walked around on stage while she was speaking. I can assure you that he would have either returned to his designated place or I would have put him there by personal force. I am prepared to slap the lies out of his mouth if I am within reach anywhere anytime. I will not be disrespected by such a worthless and evil POS.
Strong talk from a man named WorldPeace. I am not a pacifist. Duh. I have read about Hitler all my life. I wanted to know how such an evil man could take over Germany and proceed to conquer the world. I have often wondered why no one confronted him and stopped him in his tracks. Every German failed every other German. HItler was elected by the same brand of fascist that put Trump into office. One thing that did not happen with Hilter was stupid Christians led by false Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians to vote for someone like Trump who has and continues to break 9 of the 10 commandments and make the way of the Lord crooked. And stinking rich False Preachers who are no more than the priests of Baal who the Prophet Elijah had to put in their place.
America has drifted so far from God that America can no longer be recognized. The Coronavirus is a war. A life and death war. And Trump has no skills much less desire to do anything more than politicizing it for his own self-aggrandizement. America must get back on track in November or God is going to walk away and the world human society will continue it decline. When I was a child in the 1950's I was surrounded by 30 year old men who had fought in WWII and they were true Americans and the churches were filled. But they did not pass that faith on to their children the Baby Boomers who stood up against the war in Vietnam and Civil Rights and who now sit on their dead asses while Trump and Fox news feeds them lies as they see just how fat and useless they can become before dying. How totally disgusting; being led by a Fat Burger Trump.
Where is the America that fought against the apartheid state of South Africa and now allows the postage stamp nation of Zionist to create atrocities against the Palestinians that just a little bit less evil than what the Nazis did to the Jews. The only thing missing is the ovens. The Jews learned nothing from the Holocaust but how to copy it and apply it to the Palestinians. The Palestinians are Semitic and there is no more Anti-Semitic people than Zionists. Every couple of years the Zionists gather at the border of Gaza and kill unarmed Palestinians who approach their wall. It is nothing less than a Cain and Abel confrontation with the Zionists playing the role of Cain telling God they are NOT their brother's keeper. Totally contrary to the teachings of Jesus.
Most of those reading this post don't even know what I am talking about. The Baby Boomers are off the field, out of the game, sitting home dying in apathy. The God Event Coronavirus, which is killing 1/3 Baby Boomers is the same as Moses wandering around in the desert for 40 years to let the oldest two generations die off to keep them out of the land of Canaan with their Egyptian mindsets.
Biden is not the solution.
Pelosi needs to rally the troops and take charge of the Obama portraits and march them to their places of honor and hang them up. When Trump pisses on American protocol then Pelosi and Schumer have been given free rein and obligation to do the right thing and hang the portraits. Will that "Creep" Mcconnell and the corrupt Republicans stop her? I want to know. I want Pelosi to keep pushing until we see if the Republicans will climb in bed with Trump to destroy the Light of the World, America the Beautiful, one nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all. You do not hear anyone talking like I am now. That is because I am the only Red, White and Blue American left standing.
I will say this. For the last year, I have asked myself what I would do with the portrait of Trump when I am president. The answer, I would hang if facing the wall with an Executive order that it would not be touched as long as I was in office. After this Obama matter, I think I would hang it upside down facing out.
I am absolutely disgusted with Obama. He is an honorable man as Michelle is an honorable woman. It is time for him to speak up every day and take the Bully Pulpit away from Donald Trump. Confront him on every lie daily. Obama is a really smart guy. He can see Trump flushing the toilet with America every day. I know he is passive but this is not the time for passive. This is the time for a revolt against the "Gob of Spit, Prince of Lies, Trumpee Zero."
Tell me friends do you think I have the fire it takes to win in November? Look at my resume on my site for President at the bottom of this post. Is Biden the man. Are any of those "girls" on Biden's VP list on my level? NO.
And let me tell you this, Biden is stupid to be focusing on which female he is going to select to go down in apathy. Biden does not have the nomination and the push back is increasing daily and he is trying to pic a girlfriend running mate. Give me a break. Stupid is as stupid does. He needs to be confronting Trump every day. On YouTube. Twitter is a low IQ format. I have a seldom used account.
Let me say this, Biden does not need a Black woman on the ticket if Obama and Michelle rise to the occasion.
I am an independent. I have already been screwed by the corrupt Democrats in Texas in the 2002 race for governor. I will never be a Democrat again. Democrats in Texas were corrupt and stupid in 2002 and the state turned Republican forever in 2002, just like I told them it would. I have all the evidence and the news articles to prove what I am saying.
The Democratic party made a mistake settling with Biden. He cannot beat Trump with 20 Black women on his tickets even though from what I can tell those Black female candidates for VP have more fire than Biden but not enough fire to be president.
We have to have a true, qualified, Independent elected as President in 2020 as a mediator between the Republicans and Democrats to put America back on course.
And guess what folks. The biggest challenge I had was teaching people how to put my name down as a write-in candidate. Thank you Coronavirus, it looks like 2020 is going to be a mail-in election. God is good. I have a great chance now to win in 2020.
I am going to run hard. As you can see I have been running for 4 years and now I have pumped up the volume dramatically. If I cause Biden to lose the election, he deserves to lose. More than anything else I see Obama as the lynchpin. That is why Trump won't hang the portrait. He knows what Obama can do. Obama cannot push a reluctant, befuddled, dead horse walking Biden to a victory. But he has the right stuff to support WorldPeace in 2020.
Between Obama and myself, we can make Trumpee Zero crazier than an outhouse rat. And return America to its God designated place in the world. America is the New Jerusalem and Americans are the Chosen people of God, not the Jews. That was taken away from them. The Christian Jews are the main branch of Judaism now and the Archaic Jews are the apartheid nation of Jews for Jews. 2 billion Christians, 15 million Jews. Who is God favoring? Wake up.
I am probably not going to take any contributions from anyone. I am going to win strictly using the internet or not. I will be talking to Americans as much as I can but have no fear my Blog and YouTube acccount will stay in place. I dont need to drive around America giving the same speech over and over. Not in 2020. If you are with me do something. Something legal and non violent. Take charge. Bernie Bros welcome for sure. I am not Bernie but I am definitely not Biden. You friends that want to get rid of Trump and put America back on track, pray for guidance and go to work.
As they used to say when I was a kid, "Put that in your pipe and smoke it."
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Dr John WorldPeace JD for President USA 2020
The traditional White House portrait unveiling may be skipped for the first time in decades amid bad blood between Trump and Obama.

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