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Thirty years ago I changed my name to John WorldPeace to show my commitment and my dedication to increasing the level of peace in the world human society. I say increase the level of peace because a perfect peace is not possible. Christians believe Jesus going to come out of the sky with an Army of angels, I don’t know who they are going to fight, and select some Christians to go off into a perfect peace in heaven and set fire to all the other human beings and wipe out the rest of the Universe and everything in it.

I am not Jesus. I am the Advocate and Counselor for the teachings of Jesus.

There are three entities in all sub-divisions of the world human society that are responsible for maintaining and increasing the peace in the world human society. All three have long ago failed to make any significant change in the level of peace in the world.

The three entities are Religions, Governments and the Courts of Law in every nation.  I have experience and education in all three of these areas and I have been advocating increasing the peace for 30 years and moreso since 1998 when I launched my flagship website JohnWorldPeace com

I have made little progress. But in running for governor of Texas in 2002 I did, in fact, get 20,000 votes in the Democratic Primary. To vote for me was a significant act in the belief that increasing the peace in the world human society was possible.

Many many people talk about peace. There are demonstrations all the time about issues related to peace.  But these demonstrations are not generally long-lived. They burn out rather quickly.

I have created several fund-me vehicles where all the money was going to be spent to advertise the fact that I am going to be the hub of all the increase the peace movements globally. I have no formal organization or members or followers etc. I am just one man who has planted a WorldPeace flag for which the serious peace advocates can guide on.

I have received about $100 total. I have 5000 friends on Facebook. And all have been made aware that this crowd funding vehicle exists. But I only received $100 from 5 people.

One of the funding efforts was to help me establish a Teach Peace curriculum in universities in the world. As incredible as it seems there are less than a handful of such programs anywhere in the world. My question was simple. How can we expect to increase the peace if we don’t teach peace. A VERY SIMPLE QUESTION.  The answer is also simple: TEACH PEACE. 

I think the majority of people do not contribute because most people are just apathetic no matter how much they spout the words peace and WorldPeace.

To those who think about it, the problem is the fear of change. People are more afraid of Change than they will ever be of Peace and WorldPeace. But they see Peace and WorldPeace as what it is, a mandate to change the many anti-Peace mindsets in the world.

Every human being on the planet is a member of some group. Some small groups and some gigantic groups like governments and religions. Here is the reality about groups, they are all elitist and exclusive. As soon as you join a group you close out everyone who is not a member of your group. And to increase the peace in the world you have to be inclusive and democratic as opposed to exclusive and elitist with regards to all the rest of the human beings on the planet.

And this is why people don’t want to Teach Peace. They do not want to take down their elitist exclusionary arrogance. They do not want their children to embrace the whole world as opposed to groups designed to exclude the rest of the world human society.

So what I am talking about is changing from an elitist exclusionary person to an all-inclusive democratic person.  Few, very few people, want to embrace the rest of the world human society as equals. To do so would require a huge change. And that change is the biggest if not the foundational reason not to embrace Peace and WorldPeace. There is an aversion to Change and there is an aversion to embracing the whole world in one's philosophy, religion, morals, ethics and so on. No matter what issue related to peace you are discussing or thinking about, the Change impediment is why you are hesitant to embrace Peace and WorldPeace.

Everything Changes. Everything that is born dies. You cannot stop change. Change is always coming. So the idea is to manage the change and move toward peace no matter how slowly. Any movement is a positive forward step.

The greatest impediment to increasing the level of peace in the world human society is the innate fear of human beings of CHANGE.

Dr John WorldPeace JD
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