Sunday, May 5, 2019



Friends, presently it appears to me that Joe Biden does have the energy and the understanding that he has to beat the unpleasant and despicable President Trump like a drum. He understands that Trump is a vicious person and vicious persons must be treated like vicious dogs. They have to be muzzled and sent off to the pound to be segregated from society.

Bernie Sanders will coalesce the left end of the Democratic Party but his socialism banner is going to kill him. He is too far left.

The good thing about this for me is that after the Democratic Primary when Biden becomes the nominee, I will inherit the Bernie Sanders liberals in my campaign for President.

For Vice President, Biden has to pick Kamala Harris because she is Black. Trump will run on White Christian Racism ticket and will have a White VP, probably Pence.

This will leave the Black vote to Biden if he puts Kamala Harris on his ticket. You can bet that Trump will hammer the fear to his base of a Black female president when Joe Biden dies of old age in office.

Elizabeth Warren would be the better person to be Vice President but she is White.

The way Biden is running his campaign now, none of the rest of the candidates are anything but a side-show. The warning to the Democratic candidates is don’t get nasty and attack Biden if you want to beat Trump in 2020.

The best strategy is for all the other candidates to get behind Biden now as the Republicans are rabidly behind Trump.

Imagine how things would change with the entire Democratic Party backing Biden the way the Republicans are backing Trump. Consider all the current candidates bringing all their assets and supporters to the Biden party. That would rip the guts out of the Trump campaign.

That being said, I am not a Democrat. I am the Independent Maverick Candidate for President. I am not going to vote for Biden but I am going to help him all I can through the primaries by more viciously attacking Trump than he can afford to attack Trum.

I have an agenda to be president but I have had a greater agenda for the last 31 years as a WorldPeace Advocate. The future of the world is globalism not right wing fascism or isolationism. There are too many problems like climate change that require a global determination.  Only a global federalist society is going to be able to stop the global killer asteroids that are headed toward earth. Only a global society can increase the level of peace in the world human society.

If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.

Dr John WorldPeace JD
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