Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Friends I said when Trump was nominated by the Republicans that if he took the presidency he would lose everything. And that is where he is headed.
The reality is that the tax returns will send Trump to jail. So he has to play all his cards to stop the Democratic Congress.
The reality is simple. He cannot win the battle with the Democrats. All they have to do is push the Impeachment button. Then there is no excuse to not give information to the House Committees and it is game over for Trump.
The House is trying not to go Nuclear as they say. But I am sure they will have no other choice.
It is also possible some whistle blower at the IRS will hand over the tax returns to the House. But other than some rogue action it is going to have to be impeachment.
It does not matter if the Senate finds Trump guilty the House will have accumulated enough evidence to file all kinds of criminal charges after Trump leaves office.
No one but me has yelled out loud from day one that Trump was the King of crooked lying despicable Presidents.
This is the same thing Hitler did. He was legitimately elected and then he ended the German democracy by being belligerent and along came WWII.
Trump is playing a game but Americans are not going to let him destroy American democracy. The press is playing all this up. But Trump does not have a dog's chance in purgatory.
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday declared that Congress is a “superior branch” of government, as the clash between congressional Democrats and the Trump administration over closely held documents intensifies.

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