Wednesday, March 6, 2019



 Friends in the movie Hildago the bad guys on horseback are driving Frank Hopkins toward a sand trap full of sharpened poles. Keep that image in mind.
In 23 months,Trump will no longer be the President, God willing. In the meantime, he will use every means possible to delay and in essence complicate and expand all legal actions against him. It is his primary knee-jerk reaction.
But over the next 23 months Trump will have immunity as President from being sued in more than a few areas. But at the end of 23 months he will not be president and the day after he leaves office I would say the number of new suits filed against him with double. And TRUMPEE ZERO will spend the rest of his life in lawsuit hell both criminal and civil. And you can bet all his children are going to be dragged along like puppies firmly leashed to a fast-moving automobile.
We, all Americans, need to see Trump lose every asset he has. We need to see every crooked deal aired out. We need a message sent to any other Trump clone that the White House is not a future they should aspire to.
I do not want Trump impeached. I do not want to see Trump dead by his bad health, old age or some psycho. I want him to live the rest of his life in an unimaginable hell on earth. The only thing Trump cares about is his money and his status as a rich guy. I want to see both vaporized. I want in the end to see a poor and penniless pariah wandering the streets of New York city selling pencils out of a tin cup.
So let us all forget about Impeachment because it will just be a waste of time. Let us all think about JUSTICE in January 2020.
My worst nightmare is that Trump gets reelected. And friends with the dog and pony show circus that the Democratic Primary for President is evolving into, Trump could be re-elected.
I am the Independent Maverick Candidate for president 2020. I am not and will not be owned by any large donor or PAC and I will not be owned or manipulated by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party showed me their true colors when I ran for governor of Texas 2000-2002.
Keep this in mind with regards to the Democratic Primary for President. ONLY ONE CANDIDATE WILL WIN. I will be attacking all of those candidates for the next 15 months and the winner of the Democratic Cluster Fluster for the next 20 months. So these foolish candidates are going to have to play nicey-nice with each other as they try to attack each other under the rules of engagement dictated by the Democratic Party. I am a member of no party and will not establish one. I will not be playing nicey-nice. I did not play nicey-nice in Texas in 2000-2002. I will not play nicey-nice now.
I am the only qualified candidate for president 2020. The only one. The 2020 presidential election is going to be about qualification, NOT PARTY affiliation. That is the change that must take place in American politics. Due to the Two-Party gridlock in Washington, the only solution is an independent President who will be able to force compromise.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 190306
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Donald Trump's entire life story of fighting and surviving, of cheating personal and professional ruin over and over, has delivered him to his greatest battle yet -- the one to save his presidency.

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