Sunday, March 24, 2019



Friends I think the main thing to understand is that Mueller's technical question was whether there was enough solid evidence to prove collusion. If you can't prove it you have to walk away from it. One thinG that strikes me is that the investigation was massive and took almost two years. Why? The answer is simple, Trump is a pathological liar. No one believes anything he has to say. He created this fiasco with his arrogance and his total lack of credibility. The obstruction of justice investigation will continue and all the other lawsuits will also continue. Trump will spend the rest of his presidency fighting multiple lawsuits that are already filed and proceeding. Not much is going to happen in Congress which is totally deadlocked. The 2020 election is coming fast and furious. The Democrats still have a large edge over Trump. Trump was elected by a minority of the voters. That minority has shrunk. The 2020 election is for the Democrats to lose. If the Democrats do not cut down the field of candidates very soon it is going to hurt them in the long run. None are qualified for the Presidency. The Democrats need to get on the dump Trump message as soon as possible. As far as I am concerned nothing has changed. I am against everything that Trump stands for and much of what the Democrats stand for. The world human society is in a chaotic mess. Trump is a big reason for that. Isolationist and racisism and anti global warming policies cannot go forward. We are a global society and global warming will kill enough people to cause more economic chaos than getting off fossil fuels. Zionist Israel is an affront to American Democracy and values and to the United Nations. I am glad that the Mueller investigation is off the table. It was necessary but the price has been high. Yet I think Trump has seen that it has cost him dearly. Yes there are many out to get him because he is a worthless person and bad for America and the world. From my perspective, anyone who votes for Trump is anti-American mostly out of ignorance. No one hates the not rich more than Trump. For me the top issue is he is a yellow bellied draft dodger and he has raised children to also avoid the military. He has no business as commander in chief. Also, my main campaign mantra is that the 2020 Presidential election must be about qualifications of the next president and not about PAC money or Party affiliation. Party politics do not serve America anymore. I am the only WorldPeace Advocate and my agenda has not changed with the Mueller investigation. It was just a chaotic necessary annoyance because we have a pathological liar, incompetent unqualified vindictive president.
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The investigation found that neither President Trump nor any of his aides conspired with the Russian government, but offered a mixed assessment on whether Mr. Trump obstructed justice.

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