Sunday, February 24, 2019



Friends I think the writing is on the wall, the Democrats are out for Truth and blood if necessary. They are going to hold Trump accountable for every anti-American and every traitorous act of the last 25 months.
I said when Trump was running as the Republican nominee for President that if he took the job he would lose everything he had and that may include his freedom. I have repeated that over and over in my 500 posting since then and I am repeating it know. The Democrats have come together and they are going to make sure that Donald Trump becomes the poster boy for potential future corrupt presidents.
I believe the next two years are going to be about one and only one thing, and that is to get to the bottom of the Trump and Clan treachery and then to empty his pockets because he is a long time crook, liar, and worthless person.
Michael Cohen has three appointments this coming week on Capital Hill. The House is in no mood to play games. A payback message is going to be sent to Mitch MoConnell that there the cost of being a traitor to American Democracy and it is going to be higher than he could have ever imagined. The smart Republicans had better begin to exit the Trump ship.
All those who ever did business with Trump are now in jeopardy. I expect that the Secret Service knows that the danger to Trump has just gone ballistic. Trump looked untouchable. He does not look that way now. His house of cards is doomed.
I have total confidence that the House Democrats are geared up for total war on Trump and clan. I believe they have now sent a message to the Republicans in the House and Senate and all those serving Trump in the White House that hell is coming. And it should come. Trump and the Republicans tried to pull off a coup. They were idiots to make Trump their mascot and then their demigod.
The citizens spoke in November last year. The majority spoke. Not the minority that is Trump base but the majority who voted against him in 2016 and voted against him again in 2018 and will put an end to Trumpism in 2020 if not before.
Trump is too exposed to resign. If he resigns all his friends cannot be pardoned and his children will be out in the streets. If the Congress tracks money launderng to Trump it will track to his kids. Then they all lose everything.
The hell that Trump politics has created in America, the reduced status Trump has created for America in the world, the attempt to turn America away from the reality of globalism back to isolationism, the racism, the divisiveness are all going to demand justice. And justice will be served up Democrat style.
The Democrats are of one mind now. They have locked arms and they are going to use their investigative power to bring the Trump darkness into the light.
God bless America
Dr John WorldPeace JD

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“We are going to get to the bottom of this,” Schiff said Sunday.

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