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Twitter: read more... : ANTI-SEMITISM V. ANTI-ZIONISTS
The time has come, and I have been banging this drum for decades, that the Zionists have appropriated the term Anti-Semitism to apply to Anti-Zionism..
The Palestinians are a Semitic people just like the Jews. They are both children of Abraham. The Palestinians are the progeny of Ismael, the first born son of Abraham by Hagar. The Jews are the progeny of Isaac, the second born son of Abraham by Sarah. Jews and Muslims are religions with a Semitic base.
NOTE: I am anti-KK but not anti-American Southerners, I am anti-Nazis and Neo Nazis but not anti-Germans, I am anti-ISIS and Taliban and Hezbolla but not anti-Muslims, I am anti-Zionists but not Anti-Jews. All the above are radical right wing terrorists which I oppose.
1) Zionist Israel is an Apartheid state of Jews for the Jews. Only Jews are first class citizens in Israel. All others are second class citizens. Israel is not an example of American Democracy.
2) The Zionist have been ethnically cleansing from Palestine the Palestinians for 70 years. There are over 50 Palestinian refugee camps in the Middle East housing millions of ethnically cleansed Palestinians out of Palestine.
3) The Zionists maintain a Nazi-like concentration camp for Palestinians in Gaza. This is undeniable.
4) The Zionists are exterminating the Palestinians in Gaza. What do you call murdering people throwing rocks against Zionists with high powered sniper rifles, not to mention Zionist bombs and rockets.
5) The United States and the UN have denied the Palestinians a nation in violation of Article 15 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Every human being is guaranteed a nation. The Palestinians represent a 70 years denial of that right.
6) After the Jewish Religious Bureaucrats crucified Jesus, the vale in front of the Holy of Holies in Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem was rent in two as a sign that God had abandoned Israel.
7) 40 years later, in 72 CE God appointed the Romans to raze the Temple of Solomon and disburse the Jews out of Israel.
8) in the 6th Century God raised up Mohammed and the Muslim religion and gave Israel to them. Other than a brief period for 100 years around 1200 CE the Muslims have been in control of what is now Israel.
9) God allowed the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque to be built on the Temple Mount in place of Solomon's Temple.
10) In the 20th Century God allowed the Nazis to exterminate over 6 million Jews.
11) Jesus was born a Jew, raised a Jew, schooled as a Jew, was crucified as a Jew. The Christian Jews were the first Christians now known as simply Christians. The Chosen People of God are Christians through the legacy of Jesus Christ. Judaism is nothing more than a remnant cult of ancient Judaism.
12) Zionist Israel and their actions against the Palestinians is an affront to American Democracy and Values. America cannot support an Apartheid Nation of Zionists.
13) Israel was established by Harry Truman against the factual actions of God who undeniably has favored the Muslims and Christians over the Jews for 2000 years.
14) God promised Sarah and Hagar their sons would have progeny without number. Today the Christians and Muslims are faiths of close to 2 billion each. The Jews number 15 million. Let those who have eyes see.
15) The global Boycot, Divestiture, Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel and the Zionist is a just and righteous movement and cause.
16) The Zionist lobby in America is significant. Not a single Democratic candidate for president in 2020 will say a word against the Zionists.
17) I am The Independent Maverick Candidate for President 2020 and my position on Zionist Isreal is above. I am not owned by any political party or any large donor or any PAC and never will be.
18) The Zionists issue is going to be front and center in the 2020 Presidential election.
19) My truth on this matter is aligned with Representative Omar's position on the Palestinians.
20) The Zionists are the modern day Cain aligned against the Palestinians, the modern day Abel. Christians read you Bible. I Dr John WorldPeace JD am a Christian.
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Freshman Rep. Max Rose (D-N.Y.) said Sunday that his colleague Rep. Ilhan Omar's tweet suggesting that a pro-Israel lobbying group was buying off lawmakers was "deeply hurtful to Jews," including himself.

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