Tuesday, February 19, 2019


 Friends Bernie looks like the best Presidential candidate but he missed his window in 2016. The Democratic Party beat him down because Hillary had more power within the party. I doubt that Bernie could have beat Trump under the circumstances. The election was manipulated and it was focused on the Electoral College. Behind the scenes, a Russian - Wikileaks plan to win was put in place and the plan worked. Trump got the minority vote but won in the Electoral College. No matter how much I have said this and written about it, there seems to be no enthusiasm to end the Electoral College. Both parties see a long history of using it to manipulate the election. It keeps the rich in power. Democrat or Republican. It denies a voice for the average person, the 75% base of the social pyramid, a one person one vote reality.
That being said, Bernie got a lot of support against an anybody but Hillary mindset from a significant number of Democrats. This go round, in this Democratic Primary there is no evil Hillary for Bernie to challenge. LIke a lot of other populists, he brings in the new ideas, gets enough credibility that many of those ideas are absorbed by the main party. Bernie was the was the man of ideas but it is AOC who is the woman of action as Eric Hoffer would say. Sadly, I see AOC has made too big of a target of herself and she is going to suffer some serious pushback.
Socialism is not going to sell in America. Elect a few pure socialist but they will never hold anything but a minority position. I am for Universal Health Care, I am for equal rights for women, I am for free college and university education in state institutions, I am for a higher tax for the rich and for a bigger estate taxes. But without the investment from the rich, the number of jobs are going to dwindle. Capitalism works. Socialism, Communism do not work. The innate predatory DNA of human beings is not in sync with a utopian society where unjustified entitlements are the norm.
All these Democrats in power are those who have for the most part worked hard. They have achieved an education. They have had support of their families. They have worked hard. They know the truth. The truth is that those opportunities are there for every one of average intelligence with an above average amount of drive and determination.
For me a capitalistic Democracy is the only thing that will work. A Democracy where the average person is not made into an economic slave by the rich be they Democrats or Republicans. There must be free education. There must be free healthcare. But the path to success in life required hard work and determination on an individual basis.
My best example relates to child welfare or entitlements. If the mother does not identify the father of the child, then she gets no entitlements. If the father is identified, then the state can pay out whatever entitlements it wants because it can recoup that money from the father.
Another example. I absolutely believe in education. With education the average person has less of a chance of becoming a victim of the rich, the government, their religion. So a second example is that no entitlements for those without a high school education or a GED. People without a high school education are generally never going to climb out of their second class citizenship. The are bottomless pits for which no level of entitlements will be enough.
Third example. Free birth control. The biggest scourge on societies globally are Christians demanding "no free birth control" because it promotes too much sex. This is stupid and ignorant and a burden on society as a whole. I feel fine not supporting childless adults. Stop illegal immigration and there are plenty of jobs for adults who do not have to support children and who have refused to educate themselves.
These Democrats are all singing the same old guilt-ridden true socialist slogan of take care of the poor. Take the burden off adults with free birth control. Give recoupable entitlements to women who identify the father of their children. Refuse entitlement to those who refuse to get a high school education. That message cuts out 90% of the socialist agenda.
I am The Maverick Independent candidate for president USA 2020. I am not going to tout 100% of the Democratic or Republican agenda. As with most things in life the solution lays on the middle ground.
Donald Trump is an enemy of democracy. He is a traitor to America. He is a crook. He is a liar who constantly talks out of his wooden head. He is a rabble-rouser. He is a worthless person. He is the President of the greedy rich and the undeducated ignorant.
If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.
Dr John WorldPeace JD
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