Monday, September 28, 2020


Dr John WorldPeace JD, the only Advocate for Jesus Christ speaks about Revelation.

This video is about the Book of Revelation, and Donald Trump and Christians who are tempted to vote for him on November 3, 2020. In this video I misspoke and referred to the Prophet Elijah as the Prophet Ezekiel. This video is about my book The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity which for sale on books Dr John WorldPeace JD. https://TheThirdMillenniumSecondRefor... This is the first of many videos between now and the election and many videos after as the world human society ascends away from religion to spirituality. Away from the Christian religion and to Christian Spirituality. This global scenario began with the burning down of Notre Dame in April 2019, In November 2019 God shut down Donald Trump. Nothing Trump has done since then has worked out for him. He is a Jonah. No preacher of any stripe has challenged me and I have sent out over 500,000 emails in the last several months. Like Elijah saying he was the only prophet of God and challenging the priests of Baal I am the only advocate for Jesus Christ challenging the false preachers of Christianity.

Sunday, July 12, 2020


Friends, I have, for the most part, kept to myself for the last 6 months just watching things happen. Things that I have seen all my life coming and refused to allow those things to take root in my mind; now, it is time for me to speak.
Let me assure you that what you are witnessing globally is a God Event. No one but God could shut down the entire world human society. These events are so parallel to Belshazzar in the 5th Book of Daniel. Belshazzar was having a great party celebrating himself when a hand appeared from God and wrote on the wall. Daniel was summoned by Belshazzar for an interpretation.:
Daniel reads the words "MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN" and interpreted them for the king: "MENE, God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end; TEKEL, you have been weighed ... and found wanting;" and "PERES, your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians. Then Belshazzar gave the command, and Daniel was clothed in purple, a chain of gold was put around his neck, and a proclamation was made… that he should rank third in the kingdom; [and] that very night Belshazzar the Chaldean (Babylonian) king was killed and Darius the Mede received the kingdom."
7 months ago, all the evil that Trump has done and has been aggressively and passively supported by Americans was judged by God. It started with the Coronavirus, moved to the economy, then the police and Black Lives Matter, then the schools and other things. Trump did nothing of significance, and the virus took hold in the world, and then everything Trump has tired did not work. Giant corporations have begun to fail, and who knows how many small businesses. Then Trump insisted that the economy open up and the stupid governors of Texas, Florida, and Arizona opened up, and the virus has now begun to rage. Soon it will truly be out of control.
Trump and Pence are Jonahs. As long as they are in office, bad and worse things are going to happen. Americans must immediately demand that they both resign.
Trump just signed the documents to withdraw the USA from WHO in the middle of a global pandemic. What an idiot is Donald Trump. I have said it for 3 years, Trump wants to destroy everything that is America. It cannot be denied. Let me tell you what his withdrawal from WHO means. It means if Trump loses the election which he will, then he is going to go on a 90-day tirade to destroy everything American he can in a rage. He is a vicious evil man who has tried to destroy everyone who has crossed him. Who knows, if he loses the election in November, he may try to push a nuclear button.
Now Trump is insisting that children go back to school. Every parent knows what happens when school starts. The flu rages as all those children mix. We have a Coronavirus that we in no way understand except that we cannot stop it. If children return to school, the virus will go rampant, and the hospitals will overflow, and the Coronavirus will have a target-rich environment in which to mutate and kill children like Hitler killed the Jews.
Once the Coronavirus gains a foothold in the first month of school, no one will be able to stop it. Your children will die like poisoned rats.
No one seems to know what to do except me. No one. Not Trump or Pence or any of the Republicans. The Democrats are silent, the churches have been shut down, and not a single preacher has come forth with a solution. None of the Universities. Not Biden. Not any of the women who want to be vice president. None of them are qualified anyway to be President. We don’t need another trainee in the Oval office.
Guess what? The stock market is doing fine. How is that folks? Businesses closing left and right, the economy is being devastated and Wall Streeters are making money. Do you think the economy is not rigged. Wake up. Do you think Trump is not in on some play to keep the rich in power while the rest of America spirals down? Right now, the stock market is in full manipulation from the right and Trump.
The universities have nothing to say. Not one person on the planet knows what to do. The entire world human society is like a global herd of deer in the headlights. Lost.
The worst case of The False Book of Revelation is taking place but not like the lying false preachers have been projecting it. The apocalypse part is coming. The path it is taking is not in line with the Book of Revelation.
What is God mad about? God is mad about the racism, the hatred, the False Christians electing an abomination as President; an enemy of Jesus. Trump the son of Satan who is the father of lies because there is no truth in him per Jesus. The hater of mankind. Some stupid Christians say God blessed Trump that is why he got elected. Friends in the old days God appointed a prophet to anoint a king. If the king did evil, God owned that evil because he appointed the king. Trump was elected by sick and diseased Americans. Now all the evil Trump has done, is owned by all Americans. Jesus said a house divided cannot stand. Stupid False preachers say God appointed Trump to support Jesus. This is such a convoluted and crazy belief that no Christian in their right mind could seriously believe that Trump is God's chosen. Trump appointed by God to assist Jesus in his ministry is totally crazy.
The world nations have moved to isolationism and not globalism. We are a fully integrated global society now. No nation can stand alone. The Garden of Eden is being burned down. The world and especially Americans worship money and they elected the god of money Trump as President. Do you really think God was going to allow things to go on as they are and turn the Garden of Eden into a global desert? Well I guess you begin to see now, God is not going to let that happen.
Are you going to send you kids back to school and watch them die because of your greed and turning your back on God?
Here is the solution. The world human society must put down their hate and embrace a global human society.
Jesus said, “Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter. If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed, you can do anything. Nothing will be impossible for you. If you believe in me, you will do the works I do and greater works than I do.”
The future will be what we script it. The insane Christians who promote the Book of Revelation are projecting a dystopian apocalyptic society. Maybe everyone one dies. As long as you believe that lie, that the future is set in stone and reject Jesus saying we can have any future we want, then the world human society is doomed.
I am not a preacher. I have no church or organization. No assets by choice. I am the Advocate for Jesus Christ and I am the only Global Advocate for peace and WorldPeace. I am the focal point for a viable future.
The answer is simple. Start reading the Bible with your family daily. Reach out to each other. Help each other. Come together in a determination to walk away from Trumpism. Begin to demand Trump and Pence resign immediately. If you refuse, things are going to get worse. I am not a corporate Christian. I am a believer in the red-letter words of Jesus Christ as the truth and everything contrary to those words as lies. Everything other than those red-letter words are just commentary on their truth.
I have a book, The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity. It cost $4.19 in an Ebook format on Amazon. The answers are there. The unanswered questions are there. It is a conversation to save the world human society. To save your children.
This is what I know about the Coronavirus. 13 plus million have it or have had it, and there are 7.4 billion that potentially will get it within the next few years. Faith in God, turning to God is the only hope. How much do you love your children? Are you going laughing at what I am telling you?
Here is something I learned long ago. DON'T GAMBLE WITH MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. I am talking about dead children due to their parent’s obstinance.
I will begin to post daily; in writing and video. Nothing like the Coronavirus and its collateral damage has ever happened in the history of the world going back 10,000 years. I understand your disbelief. But it has been six months, and undeniably I am the only one with a solution. I am the only one standing up, saying God is the answer. Make straight the way of the Lord. I am not talking about God making miracles while everyone watches. I am talking about everyone praying for the way out of this apocalypse. God has already spoken about the first step, force Trump and Pence to resign. How do you force them to resign. You tell the Republican politicians if they do not get rid of Trump, they will be turned out of office with him.
This is a God event proceeding forward and God has blocked every Trump solution. Trump and Pence must be forced to resign immediately. Pelosi will become President. In November, you have to vote for an independent President by writing my name down for President. Yes, that means you put my name on the ballot for President. No one for Vice President and for every other office vote for the best candidate. You have 4 months to think about this. You can look at my resume and see across the board no one is more prepared than me. I am ready to debate anyone anytime but it will not be in person. Those days are gone for the foreseeable future.
The Great 29 Depression was not enough to get everyone's attention. WW2 was not enough. Now God has your attention and the chaos and death is just going to increase. Trump is the most hateful, evil man alive. He has been following Hitler's plan and he has been stopped by God.
I am taking over the global leadership until someone else comes along. No one will step forward. All those in power want to be the sole power and are not going to reach out to other leaders to solve the problems that are killing us.
If there was anyone else with my qualifications or a plans to stop this traveling death, they would have already made themselves known. America must return to its Christian roots and it must return to leadership of the world or the whole world is doomed. I am ready to debate anyone.
Next up on the Trump and Pence agenda along with their Republicans are DEAD CHILDREN. I will be laying out plans to reopen the schools within a few days.
God bless us all.
Dr John WorldPeace JD
The Advocate for Jesus Christ
The Global Advocate for Peace and WorldPeace

Monday, July 6, 2020

Friends the world human society is at the threshold of Armageddon or the first steps to a more sane and just global model for peace and prosperity for the entire world. The Coronavirus was the first domino of global chaos followed by the global economy, police brutality and racial prejudice, the closing down of the schools and universities, the closing down of church, and religious gatherings. It has been six months since the Coronavirus showed its deadly shadow of death. Anyone who says this is not a God event is blind. The burning down of the Garden of Eden, the rise of fascist dictators around the world, nationalistic hatred, religious hatred and a lack of spiritual maturity, and racial hatred was leading the world human society into a very deep dark hole. Global democracy has degenerated into fascism. That is undeniable. The human DNA is vicious.
Of the 50 human species on the planet a few million years ago, there is one remaining very aggressive and violent species, homo sapiens. The last human species other than homo sapiens was the Neanderthals, who were terminated just 40,000 years ago. Now the violent primal homo sapiens have turned inward to homogenize the homo sapiens society by nationality, race, and religion. In the event of an all-out total global war now, the White Americans win. In a war of extermination, that will leave mostly Christians who will then focus on alternative religions. The end game would be a global society of White, American, Christians. I am talking about genocide on an unimaginable scale. Once a global war begins, that is where is will go. It will be like burning an agricultural field. Once lit, it will burn to the perimeters.
Here is the bottom line. 1) The spread of the Coronavirus is far ahead of any cure. 2) 14 million people have been officially infected globally; I think it would prove more if there had been more testing to date. 12 million infected; 550,000 deaths. World population 7.5 billion. That works out to a death rate of 4.6% and global deaths without a vaccine of 343 million due to the Coronavirus and probably 2-3 billion more by starvation. We are at the very beginning of this God event.
What we have seen is that every nation and every subdivision of every nation has their own unique plan. There is no global cooperation. Why? Because the Holy Grail is the effective vaccine and global economic domination selling the only cure. That is how mercenary the world human society of homo sapiens truly is.
There was a huge peace drive to stop the USA from lighting up the Middle East do to the lies from George Bush about weapons of mass destruction and an alliance between Iraq and Al Quaeda. Millions protesting in Europe. All totally ineffective. Why? The reason is simple. All the peace groups wanted to be THE PEACE GROUP. All these little tin gods refused to rally behind one leader. That would have to be a non-aligned leader who could confront the massive organization of the President of the United States, George Bush, who just laughed all the protests off.
Now, what do we have? Same problem. No non-aligned global leader to bring all the nations and religions together in a joint effort to terminate the Coronavirus as soon as possible. The entrenched nations are looking to be the first with a vaccine, and the exclusionary elitist religions will not come together. So what is coming is not positive. The match has been struck, the future is easy to see. We are far from the point of no return, but the momentum is gathering energy exponentially. Meaning 2-4-8-16-32-64---7.5 billion; THE END MY FRIEND OF OUR HIGH TECH SOCIETY AND THE BEGINNING OF A NEW STONE AGE.
This Coronavirus appeared about 6 months ago, and there is no significant window to the end of this pandemic. What is in place is disbelief that the world human society can come crashing down.
For me, personally, there are presently two global issues. 1) Trump must not win the November election. There is only one, just one, guarantee of denying him re-election: take away his Christian base. I have initiated a logical, linear attack on corporate Christianity to stop their undeniable unchristian support of Trump. See https://thethirdmillenniumsecondreformationofchristianity.c…
2) For the last 32 years, I have been officially Dr. John WorldPeace JD, the only non aligned global peace and WorldPeace advocate. I have the education, the experience, the plan, the energy, the track record, the IQ to take on that role. It will take one man. The UN is just another layer of global bureaucracy that has been a 72-year failure. We have to act now as in NOW.
I am not talking about any kind of official elected position. I am talking about a focal point of someone who has the ability to talk about religion, politics, economics, global warming, and peace and WorldPeace to a global audience.
When I say non-aligned, this is what I mean. I am White, can’t change that. I am male, can’t change that. I am an American, no point in changing that because every human being must be a citizen of some nation. I was raised a Christian, but I am not a corporate Christian. I am a spiritual believer in the teachings of Jesus. I belong to no religious organization, nor do I have a religious organization and never will. I live a minimalist life. I have nothing to join, nothing to contribute to. I make money from my marginal web design business, which I have had for 17 years and the books I sell. Political, Religious, and Poetry. 70 books.
I have no peers as a global peace advocate. If you know of one, who is it?
Here is the core message of Jesus. This message comes from a spiritual religious Jesus but the message is spiritual secular not religious.
a. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” Mat 7: 7
“If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you. Nothing will be impossible for you." Lk 17: 6
"Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I do. You will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in My name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son."
THESE ARE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT PRACTICAL WORDS OF JESUS. What this means is that we as individuals and as groups and as nations and as a world human society SCRIPT (WRITE) our future. You cannot read these words any other way.
What it means, in general, is that we are individually living the life of our cumulative choices since birth. And it means the future is not set in stone.
The message is very simple and one taught by every motivational speaker on the planet. Study, focus, meditation, prayer, and the application of sweat, and you will accomplish almost any goal you have. I absolutely believe this teaching. I have lived this teaching.
So what is the bottom line? As a world human society, if we all focus on anything, and we commit to that goal no matter what it is, it will happen. How do you get rid of the Coronavirus? The entire world human society syncs up. What is the impediment? Petty demi-gods in all areas of religion, race and government who will not bring their followers into harmony with a global agenda for fear of loss of their personal power derived from their organizations. I am the only non-aligned global peace and WorldPeace advocate on the planet. I HAVE NO PEERS.
If we do not all come together and ascend to a higher spiritual democratic all-inclusive mindset focused on eliminating this virus, we are all doomed and the Third Millennium world human society is going to step back more than 1000 years. That is the reality of the present condition of the world human society.
The question is, do I have a peer to lead. If so, now is the time to push them forward. Without a global focus, we are all doomed. In the meantime, I am moving forward with my plan.
Dr John WorldPeace JD July 6, 2020 is my flagship website. My books are for sale on Search books/Dr John WorldPeace JD

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Friends, there is no level low enough that the "The gob of spit, Prince of Lies, Trumpee Zero" will not go to degrade the office of President of the United States. He is a natural-born TRAITOR. I have said since the Republican nomination 2016 that Trump is a "lying scum bag, would be Hitler". I have taken a lot of flack and grief over my unwavering contempt for Trump. Now as Trump heads for the November elections, in 5 1/2 months, he will go anywhere to attack Obama in an attempt to just continue what he started with the Obama birther lie, I can assure you that what is coming from Trump is going to be mind-numbing and disgusting to all true Americans. I have said from the beginning that Trump has no respect for America and contempt for all Americans as well as the world human society. And I was SPOT ON.
No one has been as contemptuous of Trump as outspoken as I have been. Now I can tell you I was right on the mark.
Now here is the problem. Biden is never going to weather what is coming from Trump. After his last video with the honking geese, that was the end for me. In these times of the Coronavirus and downward spiral of the economy, Americans are not going to vote for Biden and his deteriorating mental acuity or his lack of energy. They will vote for Satan as a strong personality rather than a weak sister Joe Biden. I don't think the fight was ever in Joe Biden at any time in his career.
In addition, there is no female, red, brown, yellow, black or white, in the United States at this moment that is qualified to be vice-president and then possibly, probably inherit the Presidency from Biden. We cannot put another neophyte in the Presidency. (That said Stacy Abrams would be my choice but I am running without a VP) The next president has to have an unparallelled resume and that includes a granite faith in God and a believer in the United States of America as the designated leader of the world. Trump has contempt for every nation in the world and has done everything possible to destroy every avenue of a more just and sane world human society. None of the "girl" VP candidates have spoken the truth of the evil that is Donald Trump. No American has dared say what I have said. There is no way Trump is going to make a fool out of me as he did with Hillary when he walked around on stage while she was speaking. I can assure you that he would have either returned to his designated place or I would have put him there by personal force. I am prepared to slap the lies out of his mouth if I am within reach anywhere anytime. I will not be disrespected by such a worthless and evil POS.
Strong talk from a man named WorldPeace. I am not a pacifist. Duh. I have read about Hitler all my life. I wanted to know how such an evil man could take over Germany and proceed to conquer the world. I have often wondered why no one confronted him and stopped him in his tracks. Every German failed every other German. HItler was elected by the same brand of fascist that put Trump into office. One thing that did not happen with Hilter was stupid Christians led by false Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians to vote for someone like Trump who has and continues to break 9 of the 10 commandments and make the way of the Lord crooked. And stinking rich False Preachers who are no more than the priests of Baal who the Prophet Elijah had to put in their place.
America has drifted so far from God that America can no longer be recognized. The Coronavirus is a war. A life and death war. And Trump has no skills much less desire to do anything more than politicizing it for his own self-aggrandizement. America must get back on track in November or God is going to walk away and the world human society will continue it decline. When I was a child in the 1950's I was surrounded by 30 year old men who had fought in WWII and they were true Americans and the churches were filled. But they did not pass that faith on to their children the Baby Boomers who stood up against the war in Vietnam and Civil Rights and who now sit on their dead asses while Trump and Fox news feeds them lies as they see just how fat and useless they can become before dying. How totally disgusting; being led by a Fat Burger Trump.
Where is the America that fought against the apartheid state of South Africa and now allows the postage stamp nation of Zionist to create atrocities against the Palestinians that just a little bit less evil than what the Nazis did to the Jews. The only thing missing is the ovens. The Jews learned nothing from the Holocaust but how to copy it and apply it to the Palestinians. The Palestinians are Semitic and there is no more Anti-Semitic people than Zionists. Every couple of years the Zionists gather at the border of Gaza and kill unarmed Palestinians who approach their wall. It is nothing less than a Cain and Abel confrontation with the Zionists playing the role of Cain telling God they are NOT their brother's keeper. Totally contrary to the teachings of Jesus.
Most of those reading this post don't even know what I am talking about. The Baby Boomers are off the field, out of the game, sitting home dying in apathy. The God Event Coronavirus, which is killing 1/3 Baby Boomers is the same as Moses wandering around in the desert for 40 years to let the oldest two generations die off to keep them out of the land of Canaan with their Egyptian mindsets.
Biden is not the solution.
Pelosi needs to rally the troops and take charge of the Obama portraits and march them to their places of honor and hang them up. When Trump pisses on American protocol then Pelosi and Schumer have been given free rein and obligation to do the right thing and hang the portraits. Will that "Creep" Mcconnell and the corrupt Republicans stop her? I want to know. I want Pelosi to keep pushing until we see if the Republicans will climb in bed with Trump to destroy the Light of the World, America the Beautiful, one nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all. You do not hear anyone talking like I am now. That is because I am the only Red, White and Blue American left standing.
I will say this. For the last year, I have asked myself what I would do with the portrait of Trump when I am president. The answer, I would hang if facing the wall with an Executive order that it would not be touched as long as I was in office. After this Obama matter, I think I would hang it upside down facing out.
I am absolutely disgusted with Obama. He is an honorable man as Michelle is an honorable woman. It is time for him to speak up every day and take the Bully Pulpit away from Donald Trump. Confront him on every lie daily. Obama is a really smart guy. He can see Trump flushing the toilet with America every day. I know he is passive but this is not the time for passive. This is the time for a revolt against the "Gob of Spit, Prince of Lies, Trumpee Zero."
Tell me friends do you think I have the fire it takes to win in November? Look at my resume on my site for President at the bottom of this post. Is Biden the man. Are any of those "girls" on Biden's VP list on my level? NO.
And let me tell you this, Biden is stupid to be focusing on which female he is going to select to go down in apathy. Biden does not have the nomination and the push back is increasing daily and he is trying to pic a girlfriend running mate. Give me a break. Stupid is as stupid does. He needs to be confronting Trump every day. On YouTube. Twitter is a low IQ format. I have a seldom used account.
Let me say this, Biden does not need a Black woman on the ticket if Obama and Michelle rise to the occasion.
I am an independent. I have already been screwed by the corrupt Democrats in Texas in the 2002 race for governor. I will never be a Democrat again. Democrats in Texas were corrupt and stupid in 2002 and the state turned Republican forever in 2002, just like I told them it would. I have all the evidence and the news articles to prove what I am saying.
The Democratic party made a mistake settling with Biden. He cannot beat Trump with 20 Black women on his tickets even though from what I can tell those Black female candidates for VP have more fire than Biden but not enough fire to be president.
We have to have a true, qualified, Independent elected as President in 2020 as a mediator between the Republicans and Democrats to put America back on course.
And guess what folks. The biggest challenge I had was teaching people how to put my name down as a write-in candidate. Thank you Coronavirus, it looks like 2020 is going to be a mail-in election. God is good. I have a great chance now to win in 2020.
I am going to run hard. As you can see I have been running for 4 years and now I have pumped up the volume dramatically. If I cause Biden to lose the election, he deserves to lose. More than anything else I see Obama as the lynchpin. That is why Trump won't hang the portrait. He knows what Obama can do. Obama cannot push a reluctant, befuddled, dead horse walking Biden to a victory. But he has the right stuff to support WorldPeace in 2020.
Between Obama and myself, we can make Trumpee Zero crazier than an outhouse rat. And return America to its God designated place in the world. America is the New Jerusalem and Americans are the Chosen people of God, not the Jews. That was taken away from them. The Christian Jews are the main branch of Judaism now and the Archaic Jews are the apartheid nation of Jews for Jews. 2 billion Christians, 15 million Jews. Who is God favoring? Wake up.
I am probably not going to take any contributions from anyone. I am going to win strictly using the internet or not. I will be talking to Americans as much as I can but have no fear my Blog and YouTube acccount will stay in place. I dont need to drive around America giving the same speech over and over. Not in 2020. If you are with me do something. Something legal and non violent. Take charge. Bernie Bros welcome for sure. I am not Bernie but I am definitely not Biden. You friends that want to get rid of Trump and put America back on track, pray for guidance and go to work.
As they used to say when I was a kid, "Put that in your pipe and smoke it."
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Dr John WorldPeace JD for President USA 2020
The traditional White House portrait unveiling may be skipped for the first time in decades amid bad blood between Trump and Obama.
Friends, do you get it. This "gob of spit" Trump is lying. He is not taking this drug. And if he is it is probably no more that a tiny piece he chipped off a pill. He does not care how many people die because of his lying. This guy is a Jonah. He must be cast overboard (removed from office) and every other Republican in America who voted for him or supports him.
My contempt for this traitor has no bounds. Most people who are thinking strait far back into history, when a Coronavirus event took place, a God related event, they put the blame on the king, and rightly so. Trump and those who support him with their greed, hatred and contempt for the Garden of Eden brought on this Coranavirus. It is a God wake up call. It is a wake up call as to what Global warming is bringing. Famine is coming at the end of Summer. You had better pray that the American Wheat belt is not wiped out this year due to Global warming or another God event.
Jesus called Satan "the father of lies" because there is no truth in him. Trump is the Prince of Lies. Of the 10 commandments, Jesus tagged and defined Satan as the father of lies.
In addition, you have the beast, 666 Jared Kushner (business flagship 666 5th Ave, New York), if you believe in the Book of Revelation 13: 18 as son-in-law to this "gob of spit, prince of lies." Let those who have eyes see, and those who have ears hear.
In the old days, God sent a prophet to annoint a king. The king's bad acts were owned by God. Trump was elected by American democracy. Every American owns every evil act of Trump Zero. Get it. It started with trying to destroy Obama care. It continued with support of the No abortion Christians who want unwanted children born but refuse to allocate "one red cent" to support those children. Americans own the pain and suffering of those children.
Those who say God appointed Trump to be king are insane and are listening to False Preachers.. A house divided CANNOT stand. God did not appoint Trump. Trump is the anti-Jesus in every way. Wake up.
Jesus set the bar very low for vicarious ownership of evil acts of others. Think about it.
If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.
Dr John WorldPeace JD
Advocate for Jesus Christ
The FDA has warned against the widespread use of hydroxychloroquine, which has been linked to serious and even fatal heart risks in some patients.

Monday, May 18, 2020


As if this earth dreamscape was real. As if everyone is not going to die. I am 72. Been through more than you can imagine and have still accomplished most of my goals in this life. but still have miles to go before I sleep. When I was 8 someone told me I was going to die one day. I thought WTF. If that is true, why did I come to this place. So I starting researching to find the truth about death. It is all recorded on my flagship website above. You have to reconcile this earth dreamscape and the spiritual dreamscapes. heaven and high heaven. The problem with the whole world human society is that they confuse this finite mortal earth dreamscape with the true infinite immortal dreamscape. All things manifest out of the Infinite Potential. All things disintegrate back into the Infinite Potential. No exceptions. The nature of this reality is duality, the higher levells have no duality. The reality of this earth dreamscape is that everything changes. There is no place God is not. I am finishing 5 books in the next few months that will have a perspective on life and death that is a compilation of many thoughts of many highly evolved humans over the last 5000 years. I have no church, no organization, nothing to join, nothing to contribute to. I am just a fool on the hill, actually the high desert of Albuquerque New Mexico, an escapee from the hell that exists in the great state of confusion, Texas. I am not a corporate Christian but I am an absolute believer in Jesus whose core message was we script our own reality. "Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter. If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. Nothing will be impossible for you. If you believe in me you can do the things I do and more can you do." This is more profound than love one another. It is true because this earth dreamscape is pliable. The Fundamental and Evangelistic Christians have promoted the book of Revelation which is a set in stone doom and gloom future and a lie. Know this, when you have no fear of dying, you can do anything. When you understand the truth about death you can do anything. At this moment you are a product of every decision you have made since birth. You are exactly where you have taken yourself. The most significant poem ever written. Row Row Row your boat, Gently down the Stream. Merrily Merrily Merrily, Life is but a dream. Take control of your dream. Relax and be happy. Second most significant poem Desiderata. Best regards. Jwp

Poem: DrJwpJD 200518 0208

You deal the queen
                my card the king
                                the joker winning
                                                out in time

The joker becomes
                what he needs to be

                life is a moment
                                to moment
                                                shuffled deck

                The churning masses
                                give the world humanity
                                                moment to moment

                                The joker skates
                                                darts and dodges
                                                                and shape shifts
                                                                                best he can
                In the end
                                he is the wisest of men

                                He is a traveler of
                                                heavens and earths
                                                                he never stops flowing
                                                                                he does not notice