Monday, May 17, 2021



Video Summary


1) The world is increasing its insanity

2) Pandemic is just starting to be analyzed in all its aspects

3) Africa has not even been touched

4) Most of the deaths were prevented.

5) We have lots of examples of how nations have dealt with the pandemic.

6) America has done well. India is a disaster. Brazil.

7) The most discouraging thing to me is the evil that the Israelis, the Zionists, are foisting on the Palestinians.

8) The Zionists are radical and vicious. They think they are God’s Chosen People, and they are not. They lost that title when they crucified Jesus, the light of the world. The Chosen people of God are now the new branch of Judaism since the crucifixion of Jesus, the Christian Jews, now known as the Christians.

9) I live a minimalist life. I married the wrong woman and fertilized her womb 4 times. She was and is mentally ill. I did not know of the mental illness that was part of her father’s side of the family until 10 years into the marriage. I do not speak to her or her children. Not since they reached their 40’s

10) Children are of your body, not your soul. The souls of my children are of the soul clan of their mother.

11) When I met her on a blind date in April, 1968, she was fresh out of a school for bad girls. To her credit, she demanded her parents enrolled her in a school that would let her get her mind right. She realized she was in trouble.

12) She had been brainwashed with one of the most important secular books in the world human society. “As a man Thinketh” by James Allen. A book and 50 others like it were my secular bible. The theme of the book is Christian based.

13) I was 21, she was 17, I thought she was 19. She came with so many problems that at 21 I just could not see them. In 1985, she acknowledged her mental illness. Jan 1, 1986, she demanded a divorce.

14) Such is life. We all have our crosses to bear.

15) God does not create a soul every time two humans get pregnant. Souls are infinite and immortal. In the realm of God, there is no time and no space. Everything exists. So souls that come into a human body are timeless. When the body dies and returns to the earth, the soul returns from whence it came, the spiritual realm of God.

16) Jesus was the only religious patriarch holy man who was resurrected.

17) It was Jesus' earth body that died and his soul body that appeared after death. Jesus, after death, could walk through walls, appear and disappear, rise up into the sky. A human body cannot do that; only a soul body.

18) You have to read all the major religious texts to understand this. Otherwise, regardless of your religion, you are just a blind man describing an elephant.

19) Jesus showed his soul body to verify life after death. But it was too much to explain in detail 2000 years ago to the Jewish religionists.

20) Looking back hundreds of thousands of years and more, there were 50 other human species. (hominids). Now there is only one; homo sapiens. This means that probably the homo sapiens out of Africa 100,000 ago wiped out these other hominids as they came in contact with them. This means that homo sapiens are very aggressive and do not like competition. With the other hominids gone, now the homo sapiens have turned inward on their species and are focus on race, religion, and nationality. Human beings are vicious.

21) This is the natural state of human beings. What we see in the world today, and with Trump, is a significant population of humans who want to ethnically cleanse their territory. This must stop

22) Abraham was the father of Ismael, with Hagar the servant of Sarah, Abrahams's wife. Isaac the second born of Abraham with Sarah. The progeny of Ismael are the Muslims. The progeny of Isaac are the Christians, each of which has about 2 billion followers. The Jews are the dead branch of Judaism being replaced by the Christian Jews, now known as Christians. They are the dominant religion in the Western world.

23) The Jews were abandoned by God when they killed Jesus. They had an opportunity to redeem themselves. After God allowed Hitler to kill 6 million Jews and WWII ended the Jews had the opportunity to become rabid Advocates of human and civil rights globally in all nations. But they chose instead to follow what they learned from Hitler, and now you have a vicious anti-Semitic Jewish population in Israel applying the Hitler doctrine to the Palestinians.

23) The Jews, Israeli Semites, have tried to take over the word antisemite to only apply to the Jews being persecuted and ignores the Jews persecution of the Palestinians. The Jewish holocaust remembrance is hugely hypocritical. The Jews are the most vicious anti-Semites in the world human society.

24) On the news last evening, Netanyahu could hardly contain his joy at Israel’s attack on Gaza.

25) Netanyahu is sick and as evil as is Donald Trump and the American Christians have significant support for both these abominations to God. The biggest supporters of Netanyahu and Israel are American Christians

26) No amount of killing and suffering in Gaza and the 53 Palestinian refugee camps around the Middle East will ever be enough for the Zionists except the Hitler plan of total extermination of Palestinians.

27) The evil here resides with the American Baby Boomers, the children of the Silent generation that suffered the Great Depression and World War II, and determined to give the Baby Boomers everything they had been denied. As a result, you have arrogant, vicious, apathetic, abusive Baby Boomers destroying the world on every level.

28) The majority of Christians do not know what a liberal is. Jesus is an ultra, radical liberal with his global teaching of “Love one another.” Christians give lip service to the liberal Jesus on Sunday and pick up the Trump mantra of hate for all liberals the rest of the week.

29) There must be an awakening of these Christians before they destroy America, the light of the world.


Dr John WorldPeace JD

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