Sunday, May 16, 2021


Summary, 1) At the time of Jesus ressurrection, no one really knew what he was talking about. In 400 CE, all the chief church bureaucrats came together to write a Bible that would use by all Christians instead of using all kinds of different texts chruch to church. Things were tweated and manipulated and that is why the Bible in so many ways does not make sense. 2) There was no mention of Jesus of a church. Jesus was born a Jew, raised a Jew, schooled as a Jew, preached as a Jew and was crucified as a Jew. 3) When Jesus died, God abandoned the Jews. 4)At that point, Jesus became the New Branch of Judaism. 5) First Christians were Christian Jews. Now the Christians who became the Chosen People of God and eventually America became the New Jerusalem. 6) There is no question that America is the prmier nation of the world. The founding fathers were all Christians. 7) There are 2 billion Christians in the world and 2 billion Muslims in the world and 15 million Jews many of whom live in the postage stamp nation of Israel. 8) Nobody knew what Jesus was talking about. He was not religious bureaucrat but a spiritual messiah. 9) Hebrews 8: 8-10 New Testament and Jeremiah 31: 33-35 in the Old Testament say they same thing. That God has put his laws in the hearts and minds of every human being and no one needs to teach anyone about God and Jesus. This is a anti-religion pronouncement about Judaism and Christian Judaism. 10) This scripture says that to know God you study, meditate and pray. Human have a direct link to God. No middlemen needed. 11) All preachers are false preachers. All preacher are a path to darkness. The truth is in every heart and mind and whoever follows another is on the path into darkness. And Jesus said when the blind lead the blind, both fall into the ditch. 12) So much in the Bible makes no sense. When Jesus died there was not a clear understanding of who Jesus was. 13) When the Bible was written those who wrote it tweaked a lot of things and that is why the Bible is contradictory. My job is to clarify the words of Jesus. And then people study, meditate and pray to find the truth about Jesus. 14) Over the years those who think they know what Jesus said have created over 200 denomination of Christianity. 15) The Second Reformation has begun. The The First Reformation was started by Martin Luther. I am bringing the Second Reformation which is about gettin rid of corporate Christianity and replacing it with spiritual Christianity. 16) This commentary covers 3 facts that prove the Book of Revelation is False. 17) Jesus rose in a spiritual body. One that could walk through wall, appear and disappear and rise up into the sky. You cannot do that with a human body. 18) Jesus said I will be with you always. Where two or more are gathered I will be there. Jesus never left so there can be no Second Coming. When Jesus rose up in the sky he became invisible. He did not leave the earth. And Jesus continued his mission unseeable. 19) This is the first reason the Book of Revelation is false because it says Jesus is coming back when Jesus never left. 20) If you think Jesus left then this Sunday in church stand up and holler out that Jesus is not present and see what happens. Friends Jesus never level and this is the first lie of the Book of Revelation. 21) There is no Second coming but there is a Second Reformation which is in progress. 22) Second reason the Book of Revelation is false is because Jesus says that his kingdom is not of this earth. The Book of Revelation says Jesus will set up a kingdom on earth. I guess he will dismiss the Pope and put on the Popes robes and be an earth king per the Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation does not say how much it will cost to get an audience with Jesus. That is how earthly Kingdoms work. 24) Here is the third and main reason that the Book of Revelation is false. 25) Jesus said, "Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter. Matt: 7:&.If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. Nothing will be impossible for you. Luke
17:20 If you believe in me you will do the things I do and greater things will you do. Because I go to the father in heaven. (which is where Jesus' kingdom is.John 14: 12-14 26) These words mean that we script our future. It means the future is what we script it to be. 27) If we come together as a nation or a world human society the we can say to the pandemic, be gone and it will go away. 28) The Book of Revelation is false because it says the future is set in stone. 29) The most important teaching of Jesus is that we script our future. Dr John WorldPeace JD 210516 contribute: All monies will be spent to spread this message not go into my bank account to build my personal wealth like all the false preachers do.

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