Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Three Democratic attorneys general sue to have Equal Rights Amendment added to Constitution
By Veronica Stracqualursi, CNN
Updated 3:11 PM ET, Thu January 30, 2020

The United States Constitution
            guarantees equality in a secular society
                        which is the only option
                                    in a true democratic government

            When the Blacks were given
                        Constitutional equality after a Civil War
                                    the women should have been
                                                included in the wording

            The fear of men of losing wages and power
was and is the blockage to equal rights for women
       and the hypocrisy of American justice

            As John WorldPeace for 31 years
                        I know that people hate peace and WorldPeace
                                    and the foundation of that hatred
                                                is based on change
                                    and that fear of change has to do
                                                with the fear of loss of power

            Homo sapiens
                        have proven to be
                                    the most predatory and intolerant
                        of human species to have ever existed
                                    proof: 30+ known human species
                                                in the fossil records
                                                            no longer exist

            That intolerance has moved to
                        racial, gender, national, religious prejudice
                                    in an effort to further
                                                create a homogenous society
                    - a disorganized probably unconscious conspiracy

Dr John WorldPeace JD 200205
The only global advocate for peace and WorldPeace
The Advocate for Jesus Christ

Donald Trump the minority king

Yet a little while and the wicked will be no more. Though you look well at his place, he will not be there. Psalm 37: 10
I have seen the wicked man overbearing and towering like a cedar of Lebanon. Again I passed by and lo he was no more though I sought him, he could not be found. Psalm 37: 36
Woe to those Senators who vote to acquit the minority king.
Woe to those who preach in the name of the Lord and bow down to the progeny of the father of lies in whom there is no truth.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 200205
The only Global Advocate for peace and John WorldPeace
The Advocate for Jesus Christ

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Friends the majority of you have never gone head to head with a guy like Donald Trump. Where do you see these guys? in the courthouse. The Judges, the attorneys, the parties to the lawsuit: I was in the middle of it for 20 years. With Donald Trump you are looking at what sits at the top of America's richest and most powerful. This guy is exactly following the play book of Adolph Hitler. He was charismatic. a manipulator, and after he was elected he just ignored the law and took over.
Hitler took over when the depression hit in 1929. He was washed up. Then the depression came and as they say, "the rest is history." But he had laid the ground work for many years.
I can tell you that the rage that Trump has over the stalled impeachment and Nancy Pelosi is beyond almost all of you can relate to. Trump does not deal with losing, cannot deal with losing. He is the bully supreme. He has been trying to start a war with Iran ever since he walked away from the agreement with Iran that was keeping tension down and allowing everyone to cool down.
Now he has committed an undeniable act of war and due to his rage at Pelosi he illegally ordered those assassinations without consulting the House. He is a traitor and an anarchist. He orders those assassinations and dared anyone to challenge him. He has been looking for a way to strike back at Pelosi without success. Then he decided after 3 years to pull the trigger. There was nothing any different going on with Iran than has been going on ever since the Shah was dethroned in 1979.
Trump is crazy and evil and there is no way to know what he is going to do. One thing I can pretty much assure you is that no one is going to hold him back because the money changers, the Christians and the not degreed white males support him.
The impeachment is hanging over Trump's head which infuriates him every waking minute. That a woman has him by the balls is the worst possible scenario for Trump. Women are trash to him and Pelosii is evil trash. She is evil because she crossed him and more so because by holding the impeachment she is four times as evil.
HItler had his Brown Shirts who were disgruntled veterans of WWI just like Hitler. Trump does not have Brown Shirts but he has Pompeo and McConnell. Both are playing Trump's game of push everyone up against the Wall. McConnell is a bigger traitor and evil person than Trump.
No one knows what Trump is going to do but everyone should know he is going to do whatever he feels necessary to get re-elected and his re-election would seriously cripple the United States on all fronts. Nothing is off the table with Trump.
I dont believe Nancy is going to buckle under to McConnell. McConnell is basically saying I am going to show my power by trashing that impeachment. Watch Me.
What is amazing is that Netanyahu who hates Iran has backed away from those assassinations. I am astounded that he is not publicly pushing Trump to do more.
I am curious as to what Bolton has to say. He is either going to sink Trump's boat or he is going to clear him with whatever lie is necessary.
Go to my website Impeach Trump which I set up when Trump was elected. 3 years and 3 months ago. And look at my Blog for the most current stuff.
No one has been attacking Trump like I have from day one. No one is seriously on the attack right now.
I was not sure just how far Trump would push the envelope. After the last few months, he is going to do what he wants to stay in power.
No Democrats has his funding. And no Democrat has what it takes to castrate him. Trump will pull out all the stops to win.
I am the only one who can block him and I intend to as an independent. I am going to take his Christian base away from him. And there is no way in hell he can win a debate with me.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 200107
The Independent Maverich write-in candidate for president 2020.

In these first days of 2020, Americans grapple simultaneously with two of the most consequential issues any country can face.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Friends let me clarify Mr. Prager's fuzzy leftist definition. For the most part liberals are Independents who identify with one of a dozen liberal positions. So if you are a rabid Republican who is gay and so is pro gay. Well you are a liberal.
So anyone who associates with any liberal issue is a liberal. The Fascists are different than Independents with liberal issues. Mostly all fascist Republicans pretty much dont have any pro liberal issues. Now that I have cleared that up consider this.
In 1988 I changed my name to John WorldPeace and took over top of the pyramid definition of a libtard, liberal, flake, joke.
Now I was a sergeant in the Army 1970-2. I have three sons all who I encouraged to go into the Marines which they did.
But I am a libtard for advocating WorldPeace and changing my name
I have degrees in political science, accounting and law and two significant designations in insurance CLU and CPCU.
But I am a libtard for advocating WorldPeace and changing my name.
I have been self-employed for 50 years in insurance, accounting, tax, law, and web design working with small businesses.
But I am a libtard for advocating WorldPeace and changing my name.
I believe 100% in capitalism as the best of the choices for global economics.
But I am a libtard for advocating WorldPeace and changing my name.
I was a member of Mensa for 10 years my IQ is in the top !%
But I am a libtard for advocating WorldPeace and changing my name.
I have written 60 books and more in progress about politics, religion, and poetry.I am not and never have been a college professor or teacher.
But I am a libtard for Advocating WorldPeace and changing my name.
I am advocate for WorldPeace but I am not a Pacifist.
But I am a libtard for advocating WorldPeace and changing my name.
I am an absolute follower of Jesus but not a member of any Christian Corporation.
But I am a libtard for Advocating Worldpeace and writing 7 books on Christianity and 7 more on the other major world religions.
In 2002 I ran for governor of Texas as a Democrat and viciously attacked the Democratic Party as corrupt. Which was true and the last year Texas was a Blue state as I predicted. After the election, they put the State Bar on me who took my license. Funny thing the morons with the State Bar of Texas never pled for disbarment but only for monetary damages. And the judge appointed to hear my case was only appointed on one of the five ex-clients. So the Disbarment is void for lack of jurisdiction on two counts. In time I will deal with that.
I spent 2008 in prison due to the lying testimony of a corrupt U S Deputy Marshall who said I knocked him down and kicked him when he tried to serve me a Civil Bench Warrant to appear in my mother's Bankruptcy.
Short story I now have my bona fides as a Peace Advocate.
I did not attack the Deputy but his testimony says definitely I am not a Pacifist.
But I am a libtard for advocating WorldPeace and changing my name
I am an absolutist regarding gun control. Anyone can buy any firearm they can afford.
But I am a libtard for advocating WorldPeace and Changing my name.
I have a flagship website at with 14,000 pages and in 30 years no one has been able to wrap their head around it.
I am running for President as the Independent Maverick write-in Candidate not a Democrat.
Truth is that no candidate for president or the Immoral Moron Trump has my qualifications for President.
No candidate has challenged me to a debate because they know they are underqualified and out classed. But that is about to change.
I am finishing some books critical to my campaign so I will not be fully engaged until just before the first primaries.
Trump has been outed as a poser Christian whose personal life is one that breaks 9 of the 10 commandments. There is a civil war among Christians about this with the first shot just being fired by the Billy Graham Christians on which I am going to significantly pour much fire. If you cut 25% of the Christians out of Trumps base, he cannot win re-election. I have been saying this for 3 years. See my Impeach Trump website.
The democrats have launched a clown full circus. Biden is too old but he will bring America back on line as Reagan did after Carter.
Gee I said something negative about Carter and add the immoral Bill Clinton as not good.
But I am a libtard for advocating WorldPeace and changing my name
Oh yes I am 71, been in 5 major heterosexual relationships over 45 years but am now celibate.
But I am a libtard for advocating WorldPeace and changing my name
I will be the next president of the United States. You can bet on that.
I am the kind of liberal America needs to put America back on track.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 200101
the Independent Maverick write-in candidate for President 2020
Contribute to WorldPeace. If you dont, you are part of the problem. $5 ???
It is not easy to understand what the left -- as opposed to liberals -- stands for. If you ask a Christian what to read to learn the basics of Christianity, you will be told the Bible. If you ask a...

Friday, December 20, 2019

This commentary is directed toward Christians not for converting anyone to Christianity.
1) I am the ONLY Global Advocate for Peace and WorldPeace and have been officially so since April 1, 1988, when I changed my name to John WorldPeace. 31 years ago.
2) I am the Advocate for Jesus Christ
3) I am the Independent Maverick write-in Candidate for President USA 2020
4) I am a polymath.
I have a flagship website, among about 15 websites, at There are over
14,000 pages on this website dealing with Spirituality, Religion, Politics, the Courts and Business. No one has been able to begin to wrap their head around who I am and what I am doing. I have much to edit, much more to say. It is a life's calling since my birth. I has taken me 71 years to learn what I am doing and how to proceed. I was born with Jesus and God and have never lost my faith. I am not a Born Again Christian.
5) 2020 will be a watershed year, a global awakening for the entire world human society and most especially Americans.
6) in 1964, at a Billy Graham revival in Houston, Texas, even though I had been a Christian all my life at that point, I still answered the call of Billy Graham to come down at the end of his Sermon because he reminded everyone that Jesus said that if you did not acknowledge him he may now acknowledge you.
7) Presently, I define my self as a follower of Jesus and only generically a Christian. A Christian for me is a card-carrying member of the man-made Christian Religion. I quit all memberships when I changed my name. The reason is because every single organization of any kind by its nature has an exclusive elitist mindset and is contrary to the all-inclusive Democracy necessary to increase the level of peace in the world human society. How can we increase the peace in the world if we do not include everyone, all races, all nationalities, all religions, all genders in our vision of peace? ANSWER. We cannot.
8) The core teachings of Jesus as regards to existing in this earthly dreamscape are 3 in number. 1) Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter. 2) If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. Nothing will be impossible for you. 3) If you believe in me you will do the works I do and greater works than these will you do. Because I go to the father. Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it.
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It means that we individually and as a part of many groups script our lives and this reality. We are the product of all the choices we have made in life at this moment. We are living the life we chose to live.
9) The Book of Revelation is false and those who advocate it are false preachers. God said in Genesis he would not again destroy mankind. The Book of Revelation says he will but no one knows who wrote this book. Probably John the Elder a disciple of the Apostle John on the isle of Patmos about 100 CE. The vision of Jesus coming out of the sky with a million angles was wrong 2000 years ago and it is wrong now. There is not going to be a Second Coming because Jesus said he would always be present. If two are gathered in his name he is present. How can Jesus return if he never left? THE SECOND COMING was the resurrection. If you believe Jesus is not present then on Sunday in your church stand up and proclaim that Jesus is not present. SEE WHAT THAT GETS YOU. The false preachers and sellers of Billion Dollar Jesus shows are all false preachers. Jesus said over and over that his kingdom is not of this earth. The selling of a kingdom of heaven on earth and Jesus as a heavenly king on earth is a lie.
10) Book of Revelation is an abominable lie to Jesus and God. Jesus (above) said we script our own lives and therefore the Book of Revelation and its doom and gloom scenario set in stone is a lie and should be ripped from the Christian Bible and trashed or burned as the lie that it is. The preachers of doom and gloom are a conspiracy among Christian bureaucrats to enslave the world human society for the accumulation of wealth that Jesus flat out rejected as a way blocking a person from heaven. This being said, there are some few words in Revelation that do parallel what is happening in the world human society at this moment. Like the Quatrains of Nostradamus, the Book of Revelation has some things that seem to be true. But basically it a false book that no one can interpret.
9) In addition, Hebrews 8:10 says that Jesus brought a new covenant with God where he had written his laws on the hearts and minds of all humans and to know the truth of Jesus and God all a person had to do was to look inside in prayer and meditation.
10) DEMOCRACY: In the time of Jesus and before in Judaism, God appointed and anointed kings through his prophets. Therefore GOD OWNED all the acts bad and good of the king. But in Democracy the people elect their kings and therefore the people own the bad acts of their kings. Every American owns the abominable acts of Donald Trump. Donald Trump has broken and continues to break 9 of the 10 commandments. John the Baptist said this was making the way of the Lord crooked not straight. These false preachers worship at the feet of Donald Trump because they like him are attached to wealth and power. Jesus never had a single good word to say about Jewish bureaucrats (priests). And as it was with the Jewish Bureaucrats so it is with the Christian bureaucrats. So here is the reality. Donald Trump denies Americans health care, well Americans, Christian Americans, own that pain and suffering. Every single American Christian will answer to God and Jesus for the evil acts of Donald Trump. That is the truth in regards to Democracy. That is the reality of Democracy.
11) The nature of human beings. The human body and mind are just a vehicle. When it dies it rots. It is finite and mortal. The soul is infinite and immortal. The soul is incarnate in the human body as a human being is incarnate in an automobile.
Now here is the reality about souls. God has no beginning or end. All that is and was and ever will be is of God. Therefore, God has always existed and souls have always existed. This is something human beings cannot fully embrace because the nature of this dreamscape is that all tangible things are manifested out of the Infinite Potential and all things disintegrate back into the Infinite Potential.
When asked about whose wife a woman who had been married 7 times would be. Jesus said spiritual bodies are like angels meaning no sexual dualism. Meaning souls are without gender. Gender is only necessary in this Dreamscape to produce bodies in which souls can experience this dimension of Infinity.
Human beings can kill a human body and mind but NOT THE SOUL.
Further, it is extreme arrogance for human beings to believe that by having sex they can force God to create a soul. That is total supreme arrogance. It is unbounded arrogance. More false preaching for control manipulation and wealth accumulation by enslaving human beings through religion.
Now here is the kicker about religion. If you as a Christian demand that unwanted babies be born then you own the lifetime welfare of that baby. That is right you own it. If you want unwanted fetuses to be born then you either adopt that child or you demand that every abortion bill have attached a welfare bill to support that child until adulthood. And if you do not do one of these two things, you own every bit of pain and suffering endured by that child. And you will answer to Jesus for it. Therefore it is best to leave abortion to the woman, her doctor and God and Jesus. Otherwise, at the end of your life you will be held accountable for all the things that happened to that child. THIS IS THE REALITY OF ABORTION, Jesus said you will be held accountable for every thought. Abortion laws are much more than thoughts.
12) My goals is to cut the Christian support for Donald Trump for the above reasons and more. Any Christian who voted for Trump thinking God and Jesus would have voted for Trump are absolutely out of their minds. God needs no son of Satan for anything. Jesus said a house cannot be divided. To vote for Trump and his breaking of 9 commandments is to reject Christianity. And to reject Christianity and Jesus is to divide the House of God and Jesus.
13) DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THESE FALSE PREACHERS HAVE SOLD A LIE. Do you understand that those false preachers are as big a liars as Trump?
14) It is time for the Book of Revelation to be terminated. It is time for the money making doom and gloom lie of the false preachers to come to an end. So as Elijah called out the 400 false prophets of Baal, I am calling out the infinite number of false preachers to produce the Jesus from the sky by November 1, 2020. It is time to bring on that Second Coming or close that book. I am the Advocate for Jesus Christ and the truth I have related above is the truth as written in the Bible but with a different interpretation than that of false preachers for the last 2000 years.
15) In 2020, the human race will step up to a more sane and just world or it will begin a rapid descent into a dystopian hell on earth. There is going to be a Second Coming of sorts but it is going to be scripted by human beings and not under the Template of the False doom and gloom set in stone lie in the Book of Revelation.
16) The Evangelicals and Fundaments must awaken and own the false teaching that has infested Christianity for 2000 years.
17) I have found no preacher who has been able to refute what I have said above. Most will not even respond. They know they have been promoting empty lies about Jesus all their lives.
18) Jesus said you can look at the skies and see what is coming. Nothing is more true. It is the destruction of the Garden of Eden for greed that you see in the skies. It is a mindset that has no future. I ask: do you love your children more than fossil fuels? Do you love God's Garden of Eden more than fossil fuels.
19) I repeat what Jesus said. If he had not come and told people what was going to happen, they could argue innocence to avoid hell. I repeat that same thought if I were not telling you the above, and there is more to tell, much is on my web pages, you could try to make excuses for your support of Donald Trump.
20) Lastly, if you claimed to be saved and continue to do wrong or evil on any level - YOU ARE NOT SAVED. Yes we are all unworthy. So what is the solution? Be saved and confess your bad acts and ask for forgiveness every night and pray for strength every morning.
21) has most of my Christian writings but they are not complete. As Martin Luther wrote the first Reformation of Christianity I have begun writing The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity. Martin Luther left much undone mostly due to his not living in the Third Millennium and its times and half times.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191220
President Trump on Friday went after Christianity Today after it published an editorial calling for his removal fr

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

1) I can feel the tension building in Washington and I am now predicting Trump will be gone by Christmas and the following are the factors that lead to my saying that.
2) The Trump letter to Pelosi was an act of desperation and the act of a cornered Rat. It is a tweet on steroids. And just as out of touch with reality as everything else Trump has ever tweeted. What I think brought on that letter is that Trump had a come to Jesus moment when McConnell and Graham and a few others who told Trump in a secret meeting that if the House actually impeached him his odds of surviving the coming storm in the Senate were such that it would take a miracle to save his Presidency. No matter what they said in public. The Republicans tried to bluff out Pelosi and gang and it did not work. So Trump sent the letter to try to head off Impeachment. The move of a cornered Rat losing his mind.
3) At this point, considering the energy I am feeling, I no longer advise Pelosi to table the Impeachment after the vote. The energy has changed. Everything has gotten real. Very real. The seriousness of the moment is weighing down on the Republicans.
4) Nunes and Jim Jordan have not been heard from. That tells me they did their best to run interference and they were not successful. It also tells me the failure to let the House have the witnesses and documents was a mistake. The Trial in the Senate will now have deadly surprises. No attorney in his right mind goes to trial without depositions of the witnesses and a good look at how the cards are stacked. The main witness will be forced to testify in the Senate because if they do not, the trial will look like a sham. And no one has any idea what these big dogs will say when the reality of the moment hits them and they are sitting in the witness seat. The Republicans have been calling for witnesses knowing they would have their chance in the Senate not matter what the House did. It was a lot of nonsense yelling about nothing.
5) The big question for all Republicans is do I support the Constitution or support the POS that is Donald Trump.
6) Here is another big reality. If the Republicans cover Trump then they will not be able to control him at all. He will really believe that he can shoot someone on main street and go get some hamburgers, French fries and a coke on the House.
And what that means is that every Republican is going to be unable to sleep between now and November worrying about what Trump is going to do next. It is time for tough love. When you have a really bad kid that cannot be controlled you literally have to decide to withdraw support or deal with him maybe killing someone. A bad kid that could not be controlled and you finally realize you have done all you can to keep him from coming to a bad end. And you can do no more. What Trump has made big strides in killing is the United States Constitution.
7) The Republicans when they step back will see if they stick together convicting Trump, the Trump base will believe it was necessary. And here is what is on the other side of that fence. Peace comes between the Republicans and Democrats because the instigator of chaos is off the playing board.
And this is a big factor. If they get rid of Trump they will not be bullied and demeaned and threatened by Trump any more.
And then there is the reality that if Trump is gone, they still have Pence as President and a year to the elections to work to hold on to the Presidency.
8) No real American can any longer support Trump. He is off the rails. He is anti-American Democracy which he only give lips service to. He is a traitor to American values. He gives the Christians what they want but he is the devil who the Christians sold their souls to.
9) After the Impeachment passes Trump has to make a decision. The Impeachment tomorrow will be a strong dose of reality. And that means he could also be convicted in the Senate. Trump knows McConnell and Graham do not give a damn about him except that he won. But he is not a winner now. And McConnell and Graham are nothing without their jobs.
So Trump is impeached and Trial in the Senate is a month away.
10) Trump's whole life is on the line. Impeachment will be a heavy hit. People may begin to boycott his property and Golf Courses and since he is highly leveraged he will go bankrupt and this he will not survive.
Trump's life is that of an astute gambler. Losing the Presidency will mean to him that his whole life turns from Winner who won the presidency to the Biggest Loser. Losing the Presidency is losing the greatest trophy in the world. Gamble big and you win big or lose everything.
11) The way they catch monkeys is to cut a hole in a coconut big enough for a monkey to get his hand in. They put rice in the coconut. When the monkey reaches in and gets a handful of rice, he will not let it go.And if he does not let go he is screwed. So the trappers come and pick them up. They see the trapper coming but they will not let go of the rice. So they are doomed. Trump gambling on everything going perfect and he walks on the conviction is a big gamble with everything on the table.
I have said for over three years now if Trump took the oath and became President he would lose everything and would be cursed in the streets by his base.
12) With a big ego about to be run over by a freight train and no way out, Trump may commit suicide. No Kennedy conspiracy. Just an undeniable suicide. Trump cannot face the world with Loser stamped on his forehead. He cannot be held in contempt by everyone he meets. He may wait until he is convicted to do himself in.
What happens after the conviction has no history. So the FBI could be waiting with Trump with orders if there is a conviction to immediately seize him and remove him from the White House and lock him up under guard and on suicide watch. No Jeffery Epstein hung himself lie..
13) Trump is weighing all this. At this point the House is going to defecate on Trumps presidency tomorrow. They will paint him with feces. He will never get that stink off.
Summing up. The biggest factor with the Republicans is dealing with a completely out of control President who will declare himself King and listen to no one if he is acquitted; no one will be safe. He will have no appreciation for those who saved his ass. He will be King owing to no one.
This is what is going to get him convicted in the Senate. The Senators will have to put Trump before the Constitution and then they will have to deal with an uncontrollable President they promoted to King. Every time he does something wrong all Americans will look at the Republican Senators.
TRUMP WILL BE GONE BY CHRISTMAS ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. and Christmas is just a week away.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191217
Dr John WorldPeace JD the Independent write-in Maverick Candidate for President 2020.
Friends if you look at my Impeachment site with hundreds of comments by me for three years you will realize the truth that no one else attacked Trump without let up. Never gave Trump a break on anything. I declared him a rotten egg and held fast to it. And I was the Lone Ranger the whole time. All weak sister Democrats who are running for President refused to follow my lead.
In response, Democrats must show their love of the rule of law, the sanctity of elections and democracy itself.