Wednesday, November 20, 2019

This opinion I am responding to is a very shallow TRUMP UBER ALLES skewing of the greater issues regarding Impeachment of Trumpee Zero..
1) Trump was elected by the corrupt and unAmerican Electoral College. It is for the highest office in the land the only voting in America where a person can lose the majority vote and become President anyway. 90% of what Trump has done in 3 years could have been done with little legitimate push back were he the majority president. What he does now that causes so much conflict and tension is because he has openly ignored the majority of Americans to serve a minority of radical White Racists Conservatives.
2) Using Googliani in a back channel undermines the entire Department of State. Trump could have done all that he did with the Ukraine with the State Department. But he had personal motives, corrupt motives, traitorous motives and so he hired another traitor and that traitor and his henchmen conspired with Trump to carry out his bribery and traitorism in darkness.
3) Then there was Trump's need to attack loyal Americans in the State Department and continue to demean and attack decorated Americans like John McCain and Lt Col Vindman. How exactly is that necessary in the new world order of the yellow belly Draft Dodger Donald Trump. Whose father and none of his children have entered the military. No honest Republican would put up with such attacks on those who have served our country with honor and sacrifice. And there are other non military Trump corruptors: Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan who enabled the Pedophile Ohio State team doctor. Jordan is just the other side of Epstein.
4) And here is an eye opener. Trump would make it legal for the President of the United States to take the Presidental elections to any and all nations of the world to keep him in power by offering up the United States to them. He did it with Russia and China. Is that the new World Order of Trump to rely on foreign countries to win elections? Only a very mentally defective traitorous American would support such a ridiculous notion. Anyone who voted for Trump voted for the destruction of American democracy, anarchism, lying, chaos and selling off anything and everything to the highest world bidder for personal agrandizement.
5) Now here is the real kicker. Devin Nunes had Chairman Schiff's job for the first two years of the Trump presidency. He could have immediately gone into the Biden matter 3 years ago. He did not do it. Now that he is out of power he is trying to control Chairman Schiff. Think about it. This is absolute proof that the Bidens were not an issue until Joe challenged Trump for the Presidency. That is when the bribery and corruption began.
6) In closing, I would like to say that if Trump dies while I am in office he will not have any military involved in his burial. No parades. Definitely no burial in Arlington. And all his pictures in the captiol will be turned to face the wall as long as I am president and draped with Yellow ribbons.
7) There is one way to end Trumps reign and that is to shame every Chistian who supported or voted for Trump as being the last man on earth Jesus would have supported. Trump the man who has broken 9 of the 10 Commandments and has Made the Way of the Lord crooked. I will not shame the Veterans because they do not deserve that but I will remind my veteran brothers that Trump has contempt for every soldier who has ever served. My military bona fides go all the way back to 1776 through my family. As far as I am concerned the office of President should be denied to anyone who has not served his country. Trump's motto is how can America serve Donald Trump. What can America do for me is the Trump question to all Americans.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191120
Dr John WorldPeace JD the Independent Maverick write-in candidate for President 2020
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Don’t impeach him. His actions have all been within the scope of the presidency.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Friends, there is a huge amount of factual data in the Mueller investigation that are being pursued by the Democrats in the Impeachment of Trump. There are multiple doors opening like the article today that one of Trump's appointees tried to interfere with the IRS audit on Trump and Pence.
And the article that Trump might have lied to Mueller.
House investigating whether Trump lied to Mueller
CNN Digital Expansion 2018 Katelyn PolantzJeremy Herb
By Katelyn Polantz and Jeremy Herb, CNN
Updated 1:02 PM ET, Mon November 18, 2019
There is also information in the Roger Stone trial that is opening more doors as well as information in the Paul Monafort trial. Both Stone and Monafort were convicted.
Trumps tax returns seem to be where all the bodies are buried with regards to Trump. Those returns will open up all kinds of trials for beyond the Impeachment and bleeding over into Trump's Mafia connections over his entire career.
Trump is freaking out and attacking and trying to obstruct all kinds of witnesses being called by the Impeachment hearing against him. It sure looks like this mess is having a cascading effect against Trump. It is getting harder to keep track of all the players and events and violations of the law.
Pelosi said the other day that what Trump did was far worse than what Nixon did which makes me think the Democrats have a whole lot more to bring out. And we all have to admit that Pelosi and Shift do not fly by the seat of their pants. They have a very well prepared case. And Trump and company is a Chinese fire drill. Trump thinks he is a smart guy and in the one trick pony of real estate he knows a lot. But he is up against the nation and a whole lot of players from Democrats to long term government employees who have specific facts about Trump and unlike Trump they understand how all the pieces fit together in their specific areas.
The fact that Trump had an unscheduled visit to the doctor seems to indicate that the stress is getting to him. I think what is getting to him is what I said three years ago, if he took the job of President he would lose everything; the presidency and his Empire. As far as the doctor goes just another liar like the one just before the election.
And one other interesting thing is that Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan has sent out a call for help to Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin to come over to the House and talk.
House Republicans ask GOP senator for info on Ukraine
Jeremy Herb
By Jeremy Herb, CNN
Updated 9:55 AM ET, Mon November 18, 2019
I would remind everyone that Nunes has no law degree and Jordan has one but never took the Bar which is interesting and decided to coach at Ohio State rather than practice law. And while he was there enabled the team doctor to molest untold numbers of young men. I have said in my campaign for President that no one should be allowed to run for President without a law degree. You are seeing with Trump and his lackeys what I am talking about.
Remember, the Republicans have no fact witnesses to rebut any of the Democratic witnesses so far. That means that what the Democrat witnesses are saying is taken as true. The Republicans are not prepared to deal with the long freight train that is coming at Trump.
The Republicans seem to actually think the Democrats are stupid and not capable of putting together an airtight case. Now they are seeing their folly and that they are all being caught with their pants down.
Things are moving very very fast and picking up speed it seems. Trump is going to resign. And like with Nixon it happened almost out of the blue.
Truthfully at this point Trump does not know whether to pull down his pants or go blind. He does not have the brain pan or the leadership skills to manage a campaign to save his presidency.
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Two Senate offices recently met with a whistleblower at the Internal Revenue Service.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Friends I posted yesterday that Trump would be gone by the weekend. I now think it may be next weekend. Here are the new considerations.
1) Pelosi and Shift have an air tight game plan. And day one went very well. Day one was putting the strongest witnesses with the strongest argument for impeachment up first. Up until yesterday the charge was Trump demanding the Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. That is weak because it is not on point with the law. And Pelosi and Shift who know they cannot screw this impeachment up have a drip drip drip poison for Trump all laid out.
2) A huge drip was released today by Pelosi. She connected the word BRIBERY to the impeachment. Bribery is in the impeachment section of the Constitution. So for the first time the acts of Trump have been tied to a specific word in the law. The evidence is no longer weak but super strong because Pelosi and Shift are now saying we are calling Trump's actions a Bribe, a specific word in the Constitution regarding impeachment.
3) Bribe - persuade (someone) to act in one's favor, typically illegally or dishonestly, by a gift of money or other inducement.
The $400 million in aid had to be given to the Ukraine by Sept 30 or it would have to be reauthorized by congress. Trump was trying to bribe Zelensky with the aid, which Trump put a hold on. So in fact he had taken it away and only he could put in back in play. So he was telling Zelensky to either announce the investigation or risk the $400 million. That is absolutely a bribe.
It does not matter that the deal did not come down because Pelosi and Shift announced the impeachment and 2 days later Trump was forced to release the money and without the money he could no longer hold a gun to Zelensky's head. So the only reason Trump released the aid was because the Democrats forced his hand with the impeachment.
4) So this impeachment may draw out for a few more weeks, which I doubt, but the writing is on the wall. Trump is finished.
5) Let me call attention to a few other matters. 1) McConnell said that everyone should prepared for a long trial a few days ago. That means his talk of a quick kill is gone. 2) Today we find out there were two witnesses to the phone call between Sondland and Trump. That drip could have come out yesterday but Pelosi waited until today. That call verified the Bribe. 3) Deval Patrick announced he is definitely running for President and will file today. He has been told that Trump is leaving and we all know all the Democratic candidates are all flawed and "weak sisters". Warren is a joke, Bernie too old and with Warren too far left. Bloomberg is another billionaire if he files. Pence cannot win he stinks of Trump. 4) Trump did not watch the hearing yesterday. The ultimate news junky did not watch the hearings. Why? Because he has already been told the game is over. 5) The Appeals court ruled the Trump tax returns have to be turned over to congress. No chance the Supreme Court is going to overrule the Appeals court. Those returns are going to be a stake in the heart of Trump. They are going to pull his pants down to his ankles. 6) And there is that little side show where MBS of Saudi Arabia has been saying that 666 Kushner is in his pocket. That means MBS does not fear 666 Kushner or Trump. If you own Kushner, you own Trump. But MBS is not stupid enough to say he owns Trump. and lastly 7) the great diversion maker Trump brought in Erdogen of Turkey to try to push the impeachment hearing back in the news. Did not work. That was his best shot. It did not have an affect.
6) So what is happening now. Trump is trying to find an excuse to resign that makes some sense to him. He has to resign because each day these hearing go on, the greater jeopardy the Trump Empire is in. Trump must very quickly figure out how to leave the Presidency and save his Empire. It is going to take 150% of all he knows to save his Empire. Trump knows as does everyone else except the most ignorant that Trump is finished. Devin and that muscle head Jim Jordan tried to step in front of the Impeachment train yesterday and make a splash but did not affect the train coming down the track. They took their best shot and it was worthless.
Trump cannot lose his empire. He may commit suicide as opposed to resigning. Suicide is real if he has already calculated that he is going to be forced to resign and he will lose his empire. Without both, he has no reason to live. When you make promises like TRump has to the ignorant and then you walk away they are going to turn on you like the Italians on Mussolini. I have been saying this for 3 years.
Folks things are moving real fast behind the scenes. I think there is still a chance for Trump to resign within the next few days as opposed to before next weekend. Things behind the scenes are moving very fast.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191114
The Independent Maverick Write-in Candidate for President USA 2020
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U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that President Donald Trump had...

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Friends, the Impeachment is moving very fast now and I believe that Trump could resign by this weekend, November 16, 2019. Here are the factors.

1) I have not been able to understand why Trump fears Impeachment until yesterday when it began to look like the Senate may not give Trump a pass on the Impeachment. But yesterday the idea of a secret vote in the Senate began to grow serious legs. A secret vote, a double-blind vote, lets every Republican off the hook. By double-blind vote I mean 1) The vote is shielded from the public (as suggest by Jeff Flake)and 2) with the use of what I call a Masonic vote (suggested by me, Dr John WorldPeace JD) where the Senators reach into a wooden box and select a black or white ball and drop it into a slot. It hides the way the Senators vote. So no backlash for any Senator. And if they end Trump’s cancerous reign, they can reverse the great American travesty of the Republican Convention of 2016 that made Trump the Republican Candidate.

2) What is it that Trump fears? Trump is over leveraged in his Empire. In other words, he owes more than he has in assets. Right now he has the bankers trapped in that if he goes broke they all have to write off a lot of monster size loans. But Trumps impeachment will key those bankers to get off the Trump loans immediately by forcing him into bankruptcy and Trumps vermin kids will be pulled into this as well.

3) Trump’s tax returns are going to get released and then his precarious finances are going to be public knowledge. What you are going to see is that he has been under valuing his properties for tax purposes and over valuing his properties for loan purposes; a typical rich man game. (I have the credentials to make this observation, see my campaign site.) The true value is going to be closer to the tax value and when that becomes public, when the bankers see this truth, they will force Trump into bankruptcy. The only thing that is keeping Trump out of bankruptcy now is that he is President. I have been saying for 3+ years that if Trump actually became president he would lose everything. I have well documented my position over the years.

4) The Republicans have stated they have no rebuttal witnesses to all the State Department and other government witnesses’ testimony. People with gilt-edged government credentials, who will begin to speak directly to the American people giving specific reasons why Trump is a traitor. As each witness takes the stand the Republican Senators are going to realize they will have to convict Trump. With the double-blind vote they can do that without jeopardizing their jobs.

5) It is going to take a day or two of the hearings to make it clear what is coming. And what is coming is the truth that Trump is a rotten cancerous crook, liar, Traitor to American Democracy. What is going to become obvious is that if Trump is not removed from office he will be impossible to control in the future. (as if he can be controlled now) He will declare he was innocent all along and then double-down with his Hitler dictatorship and will have successfully high-jacked the USA for personal gain.

6) Today will be the last sunny day for the Republicans. They are going to see testimony that is going to smear Trump and the truth is going to come out more and more and more with each witness. It will become obvious to the voters that the Republicans put a bigger crook than Nixon into the White House. The Republicans have no rebuttal to the Trump anarchy, chaos, corruptions, anti-American, traitorous acts from day one of his presidency.

7) Impeachment is a done deal. The Senate conviction will become more and more real as the Impeachment hearings continue. The idea of the secret vote which seems to have been given birth by Jeff Flake and given real power with my Masonic vote suggestion, is the get out of the killing fields of the 2020 elections for the Republicans. It is a win win scenario.

8) These complicated matters in big government and big business require time to cook and time to become obvious as to what is going on and how to proceed. It is a natural process. There is a game plan now with the secret vote. It is the Republicans’ golden parachute.

9) A couple of other things. I did not realize until last week that Rep. Jim Jordan (the Trump cheerleader)  is a bigger scumbag than Jeffrey Epstein and his child molestations. TRUMP LOVES HIS SEXUAL PREDATORS.
“Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, has dismissed as "ridiculous" a claim by a professional referee that he told the congressman directly that Dr. Richard Strauss had masturbated in front of him in a shower at Ohio State University.
Jordan addressed the allegation in an interview with his hometown newspaper Monday, just days after NBC News reported that the referee claimed in a lawsuit that the congressman, who was then an assistant wrestling coach, barely blinked when he described his encounter with the sexual predator.
Yeah, that’s Strauss,” Jordan and the head wrestling coach replied dismissively, according to the lawsuit, which does not name Jordan as a defendant.”
NBC News
Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio during a news conference on Capitol Hill on Oct. 31, 2019.Al Drago / Bloomberg via Getty Images file
Nov. 12, 2019, 11:44 AM MST / Updated Nov. 12, 2019, 11:48 AM MST
By Corky Siemaszko

10) Also, in the news yesterday was an article that said MBS the murderous ruler of Saudi Arabia is saying that he has 666 Jared Kushner in his pocket. WOW. Jared Kushner the President’s son-in-law is in the pocket of MBS. I have said for over a year that 666 Kushner is the 666 of the Book of Revelation that the billionaire preachers refuse to talk about and MBS is the MaBuS that Nostradamus identified as the 3rd anti-Christ. Just making a few connections for you that you are not going to read about in the mainstream news.

11) Now with regards to the 2020 elections for president. Trump will make 3 impeachment investigations since 1972. 3 in 47 years. WOW something is very wrong with American Politics. Two were Republican crooks. (And I will remind you of George W. Bush as another failed Republican presidency) And the other sexual predator Bill Clinton. So Trump has something in common with Clinton and Nixon.

Party politics have brought Washington into a gridlock. There is only one solution. An Independent president. One not affiliated with either party. A President who is the most qualified for the job. And I am talking about myself, Dr John WorlPeace JD. Take a look at my Campaign Website at . I can take America back to the 1950’s and put America back on track.

I have several books to be finished by January and then my campaign will begin in earnest. It will be me against everyone running for President in 2020.

Dr John WorldPeace JD  191113
Dr John WorldPeace JD the Independent Maverick write-in candidate for President USA 2020

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Freinds a solution to end Trump has been conceived and is being chatted up by the Senators. The solution is a secret vote in the Senate.
This is what we know. If the Senate does not terminate Trump, Trump a traitor who cannot be controlled, then he will yell out to the world he was found innocent and no one on earth will be able to control him. Trump has to go. I really think all the Republicans understand that and the majority of Republicans want that.
There needs to be a secret vote but everyone is thinking secret from the public. A vote secret from the public will not remain a secret. The vote will be leaked.
So I suggest a double-blind vote. 1) The vote is secret from the public and 2) the Masonic Lodge voting procedure is used. In the Masonic Lodge each mason reaches into a box and picks up a Black or White Ball and drops it into a slot. No one can see how anyone votes. In the Masonic lodge it only takes one black ball and you are out or never get in.
Doing it this way, no one knows how anyone else voted. Trump can rage all he wants but neither he nor anyone else will know how anyone voted. A Senator will only know how he or she voted.
The Republican Senators will be free from being attacked by Trump, Pence will be President, so the Republicans still own the Presidency for a year and Trump will be history and everyone wins.
There has been nothing but chaos ever since Trump took office starting with the argument on how big the turnout was at the inauguration.
With a double-blind vote everyone wins except those Senators who are so misguided as to think Trump has been doing a good job. Some of the citizens may not like Trump being convicted but they will be OK with the process being fair. No Senator was being forced to chose between Trump and America in public. The public elected their Senator to use their best judgement. There will be no vote wrath foisted on any Senator with a double-blind vote.
Again, everyone knows Trump cannot be controlled and not convicting him will turn a wild man loose to declare himself dictator and literally put an end to American Democracy. Enough is enough. Dump Trump.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191112
Dr John WorldPeace JD the Independent Maverick Write-in candidate for president 2020.
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Joe Scarborough says GOP senators prefer to "talk about policy" and not the president's attempts to "loot the federal treasury to make hundreds of thousands of dollars" at his resorts.

Monday, November 11, 2019

TRUMP IN CHECKMATE - THE END IS NEAR - For Trump or for American Democracy
Friends, here is the 1 2 3 process that must end Trump.
1) The Republicans are not challenging the facts of the Ukraine call. In a court of law, and in the Impeachment process, facts that are not rebutted or challenged are deemed TRUE.
In a court of law that means the jury is dismissed. The jury can only determine facts, not the law. The Judge determines how the law applies to the facts.
2) The Impeachment hearings will go forward with live testimony. I believe that live testimony is going to make it clear to Trump's base that he was up to no good along with Googliani. But the Trump base is not made up of lawyers.
So the media and others will have to make it clear that what Trump did, trying to use the Ukraine to investigate Biden for the political benefit of Trump is against the Constitution. It does not matter what Trump accomplished it only matters that he tried. He set up a back channel with Googliani to undermine the State Department and cut a deal with Zelensky.
Trump has a history of using Russia and China and now the Ukraine for Trump's political and probably financial advantage.
He was trying to use Zelensky to influence the 2020 election against Biden. This should be obviously an unconstitutional, anti-american, Traitorous act by Trump but the Trump base is dense if not just plain ignorant.
So the Republicans are trying to float this nonsense that does not work in the criminal law - "Well yes your Honor my client tried to rob the bank but he was not successful, so let him go (to try it again.)" That is what the Republicans want is to let Trump walk on his unconstitutional acts so he will tell everyone he was innocent and then there will be no brakes on Trump. If he is found innocent he becomes dictator in his mind and does whatever he wants, shoots people on main street, and whatever else.
WE CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE ELECTIONS to get rid of Trump or he will just keep on asking help from Russian, China the Ukraine and others to help him get elected. TRUMP HAS TO GO NOW.
And as I said above, the facts are not contested so the decision in this case does not go to the judge but goes to the Senate. The Senate becomes the judge. The Republicans control the Senate and they can refuse to convict Trump. If they do that, I honestly do not think anyone knows what will happen. I think this is when the guns come out and the American government collapses.
So if the hearings this week and until Christmas do not convince the Republican Senators that they much convict Trump, then we have chaos and maybe we degenerate into a Banana Republic.
All lawyers fully understand what is going on here. All lawyers know that the Republican Senators are going to preserve American Democracy or end it.
I am thinking positive and McConnell and others have told Trump he is finished and the advice is that he resign and not put the country through a trial in the Senate. That the Democrats have the evidence and any judge, and certainly Chief Justice Roberts who will preside in the Senate trial will understand the ramifications of the Senate acquitting Trump.
Nixon was a corrupt American and resigned. Trump is all about Trump and he could care less about America. I have been saying it for over 3 years and I was right. No one else has said that Trump is a little Hitler almost every day on the internet for 3+ years. The Republicans all saw it in the primary. But Trump beat them all down. Now the question is whether Trump can beat the American out of the Republican Senators.
From this moment on, no real American can trust Trump to have anything to do with foreign policy. Really no one can trust him with the office of the Presidency on any level.
In a week the Book Anonymous will be on sale. And I think that book is going to tie all the loose ends up. The fact that this book has been written and the fact that the Whistleblower raised the flag means there are good loyal Americans throughout the American government. And outside Trump's ring of traitors there are loyal Americans.
All scenarios are on the table. Trump could have a fatal heart attack as soon as it becomes obvious that he is not going to resign and thereby makes it is known that Trump is more important than America.
What can be said is that the American Democracy is in jeopardy. Party politics have degenerated and brought us to this place. Republicans identified Trump as corrupt and anti-American early in 2016 and they let Trump beat them down. Now the Republicans are going to be forced to do what they should have done in 2016, terminate the Trump cancer.
I think one way or the other, America will be done with Trump before the end of the year.
Regardless, of what happens, America must have an independent - not Democrat or Republican - as president to arbitrate from now on. I am Dr John WorldPeace JD the Maverick Independent write-in candidate for President USA 2020.
Read my website and Contribute to my Independent of any party campaign.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191111
God help us all. The light of the world that has been America for 240 years is in jeopardy.
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Republicans lack facts, lack law, lack coherence.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Dr John WorldPeace JD the Maverick Independent Write-in Candidate for President 2020
Greta Thunberg, on Tour in America, Offers an Unvarnished View
NY Times By Somini Sengupta
• Published Sept. 18, 2019Updated Sept. 20, 2019
Greta Thunberg has become the unofficial leader/face of the Climate Change Wake-up call.
For me the most important thing about this movement is that these Millennials are involved in something that normally would not have their attention until they graduated college and begin to turn their attention to family, career, and politics.
What I am not sure of is whether these young adults understand that their parents are in essence their enemies in the discussion of global warming. They have a legitimate right to confront their parents as perpetrators of the degradation of the earth.
The adult citizens of all the countries in the world are first and foremost not demanding action on part of their representatives in government regarding global warming. Nothing is being done of any true significance in any capital of any nation in the world. There is lip service given but there is no action.
We are in crisis mode with regards to global warming. No one can deny what is happening. The ice is melting for the first time in historical memory. Think about that. The North Pole is becoming more and more ice-free in its ocean. And that dark sea, as opposed to white snow, is absorbing sunlight and causing the ice to melt faster still. The more the ice melts the faster the ice melts.
Greta is pushing the governing bodies of the world to make some meaningful efforts to stop global warming. She gets media attention and then everyone goes back to business as usual. So she is bringing awareness but more importantly she is giving notice to the adults that she and other young adults are watching and demanding action.
Well Greta, so far so good, but now the time has come to get more active and more combative. You have gotten your pat on the head from the governments and media who have already moved on to the next news cycle. Here is your next move; the move that will actually bring on change.
It is called shaming. Yes calling out adults globally as apathetic destructors of earth’s environment. The truth is that for thousands of years the earth changed so little in the lifetime of a human being that it was really not noticeable. Now we have for the last 5 years experienced record heat on the planet. That means that elementary school children are understanding that something is going on with the earth. Something that is not good for their future. Something that is getting worse globally not just a local change that can be classified as an anomaly.
1) People must stop buying gasoline cars. That is a choice that can be made immediately. The reduction in the buying of gas and diesel vehicles will cause an immediate loss of profits to automakers and cause them to step up the pace to move to electric cars.
2) Anyone who owns stock in a fossil fuel company definitely needs to be shamed. If you own stock in a not-clean, not renewable energy company you are contributing to the problem. As people begin to sell off their stock, the corporations will move to green energy. It is really that simple. People want to know what they can do to deal with climate change and this is a major one. Sell your fossil fuel stock and buy green energy stock.
3) You can begin to picket auto dealers who do not offer non-fossil fuel cars. You can let them know that you and your peers will not buy from that dealership locally and globally will not buy that brand of automobile when you become an adult. Greta you and your peers are a market the auto industry is depending on for future profits. You need to threaten an ongoing future boycott.
4) Back to a close to home solution. If any in your family is working for any company that is part of the fossil fuel industry, you need to encourage them to find another career in a different industry.
5) You can picket the corporate headquarters of the fossil fuel companies. Believe me no ongoing business wants negative publicity.
Greta your cause is essential to the future of the earth. You and your peers either protest or you are going to inherit a desert planet. What was green and moist will become brown and dry.
I cannot emphasize enough that the earth is your legacy you right. It is your inheritance. You have a right to speak as an adult on this issue. The truth of global warming is one that no one can deny. The pre-millennials, especially the Baby-Boomers represent the biggest impediment to reversing global warming. For the most part that is your grandparents.
If the planet earth is degraded such that it will not support life, there is no other planet to migrate to. That is the reality.
Dr John WorldPeace JD
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