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Twitters: C my FB timeline 4 more | Friends what you need to take significant notice of in this article is that anyone who has a job to protect in the media or politics must be very careful not to say anything negative, no matter how minor, about Israel or the Zionists who run Israel.
I have nothing in my life that will allow anyone to censor what I say and even if I did it would not stop me from speaking the truth. In 2002, when I was running for governor of Texas the corrupt Democratic Party of Texas pushed Dan Morales to run for governor. Dan Morales was the attorney general who got a billion dollar judgment against the tobacco companies. Then he tried to steal about $200 million of that judgment for which he eventually went to jail. He also married a stripper. No Texan will ever put an ex-stripper in the governor's mansion. Morales was pushed to run so the Democrats could put another crooked HIspanic Tony Sanchez, who was a Bush pioneer meaning he had given Dubya Bush $500,000 in campaign contributions, in the governorship. So the Democrats were running a Republican for Governor and by putting Dan Morales in the mix they could try to give the Hispanics control of White Racist Texas. Funny. Tony Sanchez had also made a lot of money in the Savings and Loan crash through his Tesoro Savings and Loan and had laundered $25 million of drug money in that same S & L.. So two criminal Hispanics running for governor in the Democratic Party.
Telemundo set up an all Hispanic debate for governor and barred me from participating which was illegal. I sued in Federal Court and lost due to a corrupt Federal Judge who was controlled by one of the biggest law firms in Texas.
I went to a lot of political gatherings and would not shut up about the crooked Sanchez (who never participated in a political event where I was present) and the crooked Morales. I repeated over and over that if the Democratic party continued with their plan it would be the death blow to the Democratic Party in Texas which had been in control since Reconstruction. Tony Sanchez spent $64 million to be governor, spread a lot of money around to the corrupt Democratic county chairs in the state and only got 40% of the vote. And 2002 was in fact the end of the Democratic Party in Texas.
Now there are many issues coming with the 2020 Presidential election. and Israel is going to be in that issue mix. But no Republican and no Democrat is going to say a word about the following truths about Israel and for that I will hold them accountable.
1) Israel is an apartheid state. 2) Israel is ethnically cleansing Palestine. 3) Israel is annexing occupied territory in Palestine which is against international law. 4) Israel is running a Palestinian concentration camp in Gaza for Palestinians. 5) Israel is exterminating Palestinians in Gaza. 6) Israel wants to be a Theocracy like Iran. The Orthodox Zionist who run Israel are the same Othodox Zionists who crucified Christ. 7) and the Zionists own TRUMPEE ZERO.
After making these statements I always add this. I am against the KKK but not against American Southerners, against ISIS but not against Muslims, against neo-Nazis but not against Germans. And against Zionists but not against Jews. I am against state supported radical fascism and racism of any stripe.
I am running for President in 2020 as a true independent, no party affiliation, on a mixed Democratic and Republican issue platform. I believe the cure for the corruption in Washington is an independent president who can arbitrate and force the Democrats and Republicans to compromise and end the ongoing gridlock.
I am going to make the 2020 Presidential Election about the resume of the candidate and the views of the candidate and not the Party backing him or her. In that effort, I have already posted my resume which no other candidate in either party can equal. And I am going to force each and all candidates to clearly commit on ObamaCare, Gender issues, Donald Trump, a balanced budget, Climate Change, Women achieving first class citizenship, and Israel among other significant issues. All the candidates are going to squirm under the pressure to commit on these significant problems which are decreasing the level of peace in the world human society. I am running for President but I am also the only Global WorldPeace Advocate. That advocacy is in line with the Presidency of the United States.
CNN firing of Marc Lamont Hill was wrong. Israel is the tail wagging the American politic and media. That has to end.
The American Political system is at a crossroads. And an independent President is the ongoing fix for many significant issues facing America and the world.
Dr John WorldPeace JD
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CNN announced Thursday that it had fired commentator Marc Lamont Hill after he gave a speech at the United Nations in which he used language critics describe as a dog whistle advocating the elimination of Israel.

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