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Friends this article about potential Democratic candidates is basically a joke. The only viable candidate right now is Hillary Clinton. The problem is that when she lost to TRUMPEE ZERO she did not do what he does when cornered, he fights. Hillary should have taken a few months off and then gotten back on the campaign trail and do what I have done on my Impeach President Trump site listed below. Attack him every day. Never let up. That is the only thing that is going to beat Trump. Hillary had and still has the Trump Card – Trump is the minority president. Nothing will drive him more crazy than Hillary repeating every day that he is the minority president. She can push health care which she tried to install when Bill was president. She can gather the women around her. Because no matter what anyone says Hillary is the toughest woman on the block and women will get behind her. And there is a toss-up issue and that is the chance for Hillary to beat Trump. Payback issue.

That being said, the truth is that I am the front runner in the 2020 presidential election. I will run as an independent candidate; as in no party affiliation. And I am going to run on a write-in ballot. Why because there are almost no rules to hold me back in many ways. I will lead an Independent coalition not a party. That means that every election has a different flexible platform. It means also that I can promote Democratic issues and promote Republican issues because I am not married to a party platform A to Z. I can cherry pic issues from both platforms. And what this means is as president I can arbitrate between the parties and break down grid lock. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense to have an independent President that can force compromise between Democrats and Republicans.

Now here is the reality of Dr John WorldPeace JD as a candidate.

These are the issues I will use to eliminate my competition. I am running against Democrats and Republicans. Think about that.

I am more of a Democrat politically than Republican. And the Democratic party has got to understand that any votes I get will come from the Democratic and Independent pool. That means the Democrats will have to consider offering me some kind of deal. I have no idea what that may be.

Further, I ran for Governor of Texas as a Democrat. As soon as George Bush headed for Washington in January 2001, I declared my candidacy. There was no clear front runner in either party. The Democrats hated me. They were supporting a corrupt billionaire Tony Sanchez. They had a plan to corner the Hispanic vote. A stupid plan because white collar Hispanics vote Republican and the blue collar Hispanics vote Democratic. And they are evenly split.  White collar Hispanics were not going to move to the Democratic Party. I was a major fly in the ointment. All I did was run robo-calls. No videos no pictures of me. I got 20,000 votes. I told the Democrats if they back Sanchez it would mean the end of the Democratic Party in Texas and I was right. Rick Perry took over in 2003.

The Democrats were so furious that after the election they targeted my law license and got it in 2003. It was a dog and pony show endeavor but I spent a year in jail based on the lying testimony of a Deputy U S Marshall. I pled guilty to a misdemeanor which the Prosecutor tried to withdraw unsuccessfully. They cut a deal before they knew who I was and how much trouble I caused the Democrats. The year in jail gave me my WorldPeace Advocate bona fides.

I am in the process of posting news articles about me between January 2001 and the Democratic Primary in March of 2002. You will see why I was the Nemesis of the Democratic Party of Texas. You will see that without being a liar or huckster, Trump is no match for me and certainly not any other candidate for President. You will see that without the negative aspects of TRUMPEE ZERO I am more aggressive than he is and I am 50 times smarter. I can assure you the White House knows who I am and he was warned to NEVER respond to me on Twitter or initiate any kind of attack on me. He did it once. The twitter post was up for less than 5 minutes. Unfortunately, I could not take a screen shot fast enough. I was ready to rip his guts out but I could not when the post disappeared.

I WANT TO MAKE IT ABSOLUTELY CLEAR I have absolutely no intention of promoting any violence of any kind. I am not Trump. I have been concerned that someone would try to assassinate Trump. I think it is absolutely critical that Trump be removed from office in peace. It is critical that he serve out his 4 years. The people who supported and support him must have the opportunity to come to grips with what his election has done to America. It certainly did not MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. The only Trump accomplishment is a runaway economy due to his deregulating all restraints on business. And in time, like with Dubya Bush we are going to have a crash. Trump economics are not sustainable.

I am working on the narrative on the Democratic Race in 2002. And I have already posted my Federal Prison Journal online. But it is unedited and in cursive.

I have 8000 pages linked to my Flagship website

Now here is the challenge to all candidates opposing me: My resume

1)    I have a law degree. We have all seen what a non attorney as president means. Stupid moves. I will hammer any candidate without a law degree as not having the right stuff.
2)    I am a U S Army Vet, Sgt Infantry 1970-2, trained for a year to go to Vietnam but sent to Italy NATO Forces in Vicenza; by the grace of God not because I was a conscientious objector. And my father was a WWII vet and I have three sons that were in the Marines between the Iraq wars. I will hammer any candidate who is not a vet and moreso if he or she raised a military avoiding son.
3)    I am a spiritual Christian not a bureaucratic one. Meaning I believe in the words of Jesus but not in the church of ordinary men. I go to church every Sunday. And for the most part all my life. Every Sunday from birth until I entered college. Further, I have written more than a few books on Christianity and am working on a few more. Any candidate that tries to pull in the Christian vote is not going to pull that off without a demonstrated church attendance. I worship God not money. Just the opposite of Trump.
4)    I am 70. That means I have a lot more life experiences that 90% of the would be candidates for president in 2020.
5)    I was a member of Mensa (I exited all organizations when I changed my name in 1988.) I am not like Trump, I have the proof that my IQ is in the top 2%.
6)    I have degrees in Political Science, Accounting and Law and have been self employed 90% of my working career in Insurance, Accounting, Tax, Law and web design. I also have a CLU and CPCU insurance industry designations which means I fully understand the Health Insurance conversation. No other candidate will have these credentials. Each designation is equal to 30 college hours and would merit a second Bachelors.
7)    I have written 60 books. 2500+ poems and created a significant amount of oil paintings.
8)    In psychological terms, I am equally right and left brain. I can create art and I can do accounting.
9)    I have been formally married twice for 19 years each and have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. I am disconnected from my children because they are adults in their 40’s and their mindsets are those of their mother and totally contrary to mine. 4 children and none who understand who I am or what I am or have the desire or capability to work 30% of my history of working toward significant goals.
10)                        I changed my name in 1988, a year after my first divorce from the mother of my children, as a commitment to a path of WorldPeace Advocacy. It takes a very strong personality to make such a move. People hate peace and more so those who advocate it. I am not a Pacifist. I believe we can increase the level of peace in the world human society. I do not believe in a perfect peace. I leave that to Jesus. I believe that in an ever-changing Universe a perfect peace is not possible except to turn everyone to stone so there can be no interaction and very very slow disintegration.
11)                        I am the only person who can go head to head with Trump. It will take someone like Trump who knows when to bend the rules and change the game. All the listed potential candidates have been beaten down by Party politics. Those folks are easy kills for Donald Trump. They are team players and he is not.
12)                        Last I have no significant assets by choice. I live a minimal existence. I will not have a political party dictating my platform or agenda. I will not have undisclosed corporate or wealthy supporters. My is an open book on my life. And that will continue.  I will come into the presidency owing no one. No other candidate will be able to say that.
13)                        I have been web designing full time since 2003 as a business. I understand the internet and marketing and social media. I will be speaking to the nation every night after the first of the year and I will be viciously attacking any candidate trying to get between me and the presidency. They will not be able to defend themselves or keep up. When I ran for governor of Texas the Democratic Party’s boy Tony Sanchez would never show up at any rally that I attended and I attended a lot. He knew I would shred him if he were present. Not with lies like Donald Trump but with the truth which you can see on my Impeach Donald Trump website.
14)                        See my websites for more. Not many questions you may have that are not answered on my websites. Like I said, my life has been an open book. No skeletons in any of my closets.

If you think my candidacy is insane, too bad. What we all know is that American Democracy has become corrupt over 200 years and a change is needed. The first change is the end of the Electoral College that skews the vote in favor of a Dubya Bush or worse a TRUMPEE ZERO.



Dr. John WorldPeace JD

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