Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Friends the majority of you have never gone head to head with a guy like Donald Trump. Where do you see these guys? in the courthouse. The Judges, the attorneys, the parties to the lawsuit: I was in the middle of it for 20 years. With Donald Trump you are looking at what sits at the top of America's richest and most powerful. This guy is exactly following the play book of Adolph Hitler. He was charismatic. a manipulator, and after he was elected he just ignored the law and took over.
Hitler took over when the depression hit in 1929. He was washed up. Then the depression came and as they say, "the rest is history." But he had laid the ground work for many years.
I can tell you that the rage that Trump has over the stalled impeachment and Nancy Pelosi is beyond almost all of you can relate to. Trump does not deal with losing, cannot deal with losing. He is the bully supreme. He has been trying to start a war with Iran ever since he walked away from the agreement with Iran that was keeping tension down and allowing everyone to cool down.
Now he has committed an undeniable act of war and due to his rage at Pelosi he illegally ordered those assassinations without consulting the House. He is a traitor and an anarchist. He orders those assassinations and dared anyone to challenge him. He has been looking for a way to strike back at Pelosi without success. Then he decided after 3 years to pull the trigger. There was nothing any different going on with Iran than has been going on ever since the Shah was dethroned in 1979.
Trump is crazy and evil and there is no way to know what he is going to do. One thing I can pretty much assure you is that no one is going to hold him back because the money changers, the Christians and the not degreed white males support him.
The impeachment is hanging over Trump's head which infuriates him every waking minute. That a woman has him by the balls is the worst possible scenario for Trump. Women are trash to him and Pelosii is evil trash. She is evil because she crossed him and more so because by holding the impeachment she is four times as evil.
HItler had his Brown Shirts who were disgruntled veterans of WWI just like Hitler. Trump does not have Brown Shirts but he has Pompeo and McConnell. Both are playing Trump's game of push everyone up against the Wall. McConnell is a bigger traitor and evil person than Trump.
No one knows what Trump is going to do but everyone should know he is going to do whatever he feels necessary to get re-elected and his re-election would seriously cripple the United States on all fronts. Nothing is off the table with Trump.
I dont believe Nancy is going to buckle under to McConnell. McConnell is basically saying I am going to show my power by trashing that impeachment. Watch Me.
What is amazing is that Netanyahu who hates Iran has backed away from those assassinations. I am astounded that he is not publicly pushing Trump to do more.
I am curious as to what Bolton has to say. He is either going to sink Trump's boat or he is going to clear him with whatever lie is necessary.
Go to my website Impeach Trump which I set up when Trump was elected. 3 years and 3 months ago. And look at my Blog for the most current stuff.
No one has been attacking Trump like I have from day one. No one is seriously on the attack right now.
I was not sure just how far Trump would push the envelope. After the last few months, he is going to do what he wants to stay in power.
No Democrats has his funding. And no Democrat has what it takes to castrate him. Trump will pull out all the stops to win.
I am the only one who can block him and I intend to as an independent. I am going to take his Christian base away from him. And there is no way in hell he can win a debate with me.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 200107
The Independent Maverich write-in candidate for president 2020.

In these first days of 2020, Americans grapple simultaneously with two of the most consequential issues any country can face.

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